eMachines Intel Dual Core Desktop PC

All the way to the golden buy button and i still didn’t get my Bucket of Craptennas

Awww, dropped connection half way through checking out. Oh well. Better luck next time!

Woo hoo! I got my very first Bastille of Courage!!!

I Got My Bag Of Crap!!!

I must have hacked the system because I just got my first bag of crap and the posting said that only those with three or more could get into the exclusive club.


Well, that was the closest I’ve come to a bag of crap. Got to the credit card/shipping page, submitted, and it took me right back to the same page. Tried submitting again, and it was sold out…

Where is the servers anyways? because when I got the tweet I hopped on woot asap and got my order processed in a min, from the I Want One button all the way to confirmation without server lag.

It only took 54 woots before I scored a Barrel of Carrots. That’s like a 11 hour tennis match.

It’s not just east coast. I’ve been trying for years.

I hate you.

yeah me too… I’m sick of trying this BS… I’m always clicking as soon as it comes up and get to the processing page where it just hangs…

It’s like the same people keep winning it…

Yeah. It’s real crummy when you get one in the cart finally and your credit card info is pre-saved, and you click “submit” and suddently they’re out of them. It’s 2010… if I get item in my cart, it should reserve a quantity for a few seconds. But I guess very slow loading pages/crashed servers is supposed to be part of the fun…

Dang it! No BOC for me… almost, maybe.

Got another. Woot!

Last time I got the following in my basket of cake: 80gb ide HD, pedometer, 2 Dirt spice jars, and a wine sack.

sweetness. rubbing it in…
server pooped in middle of my Betty Oscar Charlie order and i figured i was hosed but I just got email confirmation that I am better then the rest of you.

Talking about a reason to drink… I successfully completed my first Bag of Crap order!


I live in plano (right outside of Dallas) and am on a T1 at work and I still can’t get through in time.

Nope, I live in Boston and got it last time. This time I got through to the Order is processing page, but it’s still sitting there, so I think I’m outta luck. Never know, though. Last time I truly got a Bag of Crap, though. Save your pennies.

FML! I got all the way to clicking on the “ridiculously large gold button”…and…well shit shat and the other! The hour glass just kept spinning! WTF??? I’m DONE!

Yeeeee Haw!! I got the BOC!! Just got confimation!