eMachines Intel Dual Core Desktop PC

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Is this mac compatible?

not too bad…


Because people are buying it.

Edit: There is more than one
Edit again: Usually

Well, bed time for me. This one won’t sell out fast. :stuck_out_tongue: Blah, eMachines.

Nope. Gotta hold off until Diablo III looms closer, then building my own.

emachines are crap computers. Buy them for your grand parents or rug rats.

Here’s hoping they have like 2 of these.

is it true that eMachines= monkey poo?

I have one of these, they are really good and fast. This is one is pretty cheap too 750 gigs of storage! :slight_smile:

Ewwwwwww. Gimme something good so I can use my coupon and go to sleep.

Aaarrrgh!! Sudden Woot-off killer.

Oh good, This ought to be good for an 8 hour nap recess

In for this in a couple years for my little ones.

What just two?

I’m on this PC right now (from Woot.) No complaints. As people will point out, if you don’t need to do extensive gaming or multimedia management, you don’t need more.

on the nose! only gasman and falks got one.

First sucker: GasmanGeorge
Speed to first woot: 1m 26.517s
Wooter to blame for sellout: falks17
Sellout time: 1:06:54 AM Central Time
Order pace: 0m 45.415s
Woot wage: $23,780.69 (revenue per hour)
Total woots: 2

I bought this computer about a year ago after I dropped my laptop. It’s been a great computer–no problems whatsoever. It gets used a lot by my kids and their friends. I paid $329 at Wal-Mart.