eMachines Pentium 4 3.2GHz Desktop PC


Darn it comes with Vista…

Vista w/512? Unlikely.

E-who? Weren’t these guys sentenced to Planet Hell for a product that never worked? O_o

512 & vista? huh.

512mb + Vista Home Desktop PC = disaster?

You could always reformat it and put XP.

Not another one of these with 512 RAM running Vista…Ruuuuun!

Aw man. . .can’t you guys ever offer a PC with no OS?

not a bad price, may buy one and devote it to Starcraft

Just how many times will eMachines come up on a Woot-off? It is my first, so be gentle.

Woot-off the red nosed reindeer.



i bought a heater for a one core WOOOOT

Hmmm…might not be bad for my wife. She’s been harassing me for a computer for a while now.

seems like a good machine - good power and you can upgrade it. To bad I already got a sweet comp :slight_smile:

hurray for e-machines.


tempting. I have some PC-4200 sitting around doing nothing…