Email address generated from Amazon on Forums invalid. Can't change.

I got an message on the forum about how my email address is invalid and is bouncing messages. Amazon set this email address upon linking my account.

I can’t change the email address however. It gives an error message saying “You are not permitted to view the requested resource.”


I try a few times with various emails and it eventually says “You’ve performed this action too many times, please try again later.”

Hi there. We haven’t turned on email notifications from the forums yet. We have to use a generic email like the one you see because our forums are run by a 3rd party. We can’t give them access to customer email addresses.

Once forum email is functional, it will use that email as a middle-man to our system with your real email.

Ah. Why did I get a message saying this?

The forums are trying to send an email but not succeeding. I’ll see if I can find away to turn off that message.