Email support unanswered

I received wrong item, so I sent email to customer service multiple times to get help
No response , what is going on?

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I have too, over the course of the last week or so. Did you order that WiFi camera? That’s what they screwed up for me.

Have you checked to see if any responses inadvertently ended up in the spam folder?

Yes - I guess I should have mentioned that - considering how bad spam filters work these days.

First place I checked was the Spam folder where I only found the following email

Hello there,

We’re sorry about that. We’re aware of the issue, and our staff is working diligently to address it. We’ll be in contact shortly with more information. Thank you for your patience!

We'd appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

Best regards,

Hi there. On your issue, we’re actively working with the vendor to get you the correct item.

I was told that my email was transferred to the proper department and haven’t heard a thing in like 2 weeks. I figure it must have been lost but it is weird. Woot CS is usually great

Hi there. Could you private message with more information so i can follow up with CS, pls?

To private message, click on my name in this post and click Message.

I received my item damaged but I can’t get a resolution either! I have emailed them 4 times with no response. Yes-- I have checked my spam and junk folders and they are enabled as a safe sender as well. I’m really pi**ed!

This is not true. I’ve answered you in two forums and CS has answered you multiple times at two different email addresses. You’ve got to figure out why you are not getting our emails.

I sent you all 5 emails from CS in Private Messages.


And don’t forget, she’s an Amazon stockholder.