Embark 32 Ounce Water Bottle - 2 Pack

wish you guys had other colors.

much like a certain cancer awareness this color represents, 2 is always better than one!

i hope these are relatively shatterproof and most importantly, non odor-retaining.

I have been using this exact water bottle, in a clear smokey see through color, for the past two years. I’ve dropped it many time and still holds water just fine. Debating on buying some as gifts.

I purchased mine at Target for about $8.

A really like the fact that I can shove my whole hand in the opening and clean the inside with a sponge.

Are these BPA-free?

color is the issue!!!

From the features tab:

It has a wide mouth for easy filling and it’s 100% BPA free.

Per the description:
“This lightweight Embark Water Bottle is the perfect companion to ensure proper hydration as you venture out into the world. It has a wide mouth for easy filling and it’s 100% BPA free.”

Dude. I go to Cornell and I was thinking the same thing. Either way, I was pleasantly surprised to see a fellow Cornellian checking out the Woot!

Can they be washed in the dishwasher?

I hit buy then realized there was no other option for colors. I guess in this case real men drink pink?

I bought one at Target and it’s leaky. I guess the lid isn’t just right. If it lays on its side I end up with a pool of water.

Fill it with purple Koolaid?

This is thinking out of the box, Son! Nice! I want my purple drank!!

I bought a grey and yellow one about 9 months ago from Target (on sale for less than $3 each). I have dropped them a few times and they have been fine, but I did drop the yellow one on Friday and I noticed it was leaking slowly so I looked more carefully and there was a crack on the bottom. I think they are great water bottles. I use them every day and they go to the gym with me 5-6x a week. I trade off between the two when I decide the other needs a wash. I wash them in the dishwasher. There is no smell that I’ve noticed. 9 months is quite awhile for the amount of use mine get.

In for 3. Hey they will make nice handouts to anyone who forgot a bottle at the Komen 5K.

After all what’s a pink bottle when I have offered to shave my head for the cause.

I have one and it leaks constantly

I’m in for another purchase for the boat. My dad uses a canteen, but the rest of the family keep using bottled water. This year I made people re-use a water bottle, but no one else bothered to get a reusable water bottle. For this price, I’m outfitting everyone - they can just customize the bottles :slight_smile:

Also, for the guys out there that are concerned about the color - hop over to the tech.woot side sale and check this out for a nice camo cover:

As a girl who doesnt like pink, I’m not digging this.

What a smart idea! I bought a few of those just to help insulate the bottles when I am running errands!