Embark 32 Ounce Water Bottle - 2 Pack

Couldn’t find what these are made from but the 32oz and basic shape with wide mouth leads me to compare these to my water bottles I bought at REI made by Nalgene. They LOOK like they are made from polycarbonate which is a very durable hard plastic, doesn’t retain odor and is neutral tasting. They are dishwasher safe, however over time the plastic will lose that crystal clearness and turn hazy due to the heat of the washer, I would recommend top shelf washing if it fits. At 32oz they will probably only fit on the bottom tray where it’s hotter. IF these are made from polycarbonate.

If it’s like the one I have, the cap is poorly designed and if you are not careful and the cap goes on slightly askew, the whole thing leaks out in your backpack…I’m much more careful now, but being that attentive to the cap is a nuisance. Hopefully these are a bit better, but they do look the same.

If you’re looking for a good water bottle, I suggest the CamelBak Groove. It comes in a variety of colors, has a built-in [replaceable] filter straw, and even has an insulated version.


As a recent Cornell grad who moved back to the west coast (where it’s over 100 in October) for vet school

Do plastic bottles get as hot if I forget them in the car as my metal one does? I could hardly touch it to move it off the seat!

I’ve had similar bottles and they do not get hot while sitting in the car. They will however, melt into all sorts of awkward shapes. :slight_smile: I haven’t figured out a way to stop them from melting. My current bottle has only melted a little bit, I try to keep it out of the sun in the summer.