Embarrassed to ask

Howdy everyone, as the title suggests, this is a little embarrassing, but in all my years of honing design skills, I seem to have forgotten some internet basics- in this case, how to display thumbnails of my submissions (and links to their pages) when I comment on the other fine designs here on Woot. Any help would be appreciated!

it’s generally considered best to put stuff like that in your sig, not in the body of your post (when commenting on other designs).

edit sig here: https://account.woot.com/forumsettings

this site uses slightly modified bb code, not html. there’s a link to a formatting guide for bbcode on the page where you edit your post.

format for posting a picture:
[im**g]URL of your pic goes here[/img]

format for posting a link:
[url**]URL of your web page goes here

alternatively, for linked text:
[url**=*URL of your web page goes here*]text to be linked goes here

format for posting a linked picture:
[url**=*URL of your web page goes here*]

where the text in italics above is stuff that you provide.

for example (hit “reply” to see the bbcode i used):



<=== just a picture

http://i47.tinypic.com/vu8sw.png <=== picture linked to a web page

Thanks very much for the info! I will see what I can put together