Emblem 2006 Oso Vineyard & 2006 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack

Emblem 2006 Oso Vineyard & 2006 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
1 2006 Oso Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2006 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon
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$50 per bottle from winery’s website!

Vintner’s voice note says these wines can age for a very long time. I wonder if that mean we should wait?

I want wines that I can drink now, or within a year!

winemaker participation is certainly welcome!

Is this the same wine (Emblem Rutherford) as the one you have posted? Yours seems different, yet similar too.


The good: pre-aged (2006), moderate alcohol (sub-14% on one), sorta-low pH, high TA. Sounds like a blend for graceful aging.

The bad: who are these guys?

(edit)It has been pointed out below that the Mondavi’s are not exactly unknown…

50 each from the mondavi family website.


@tooold. Sounds like the vineyards are a part of the mondavi holdings, and the winemakers are the two mondavi’s. They have pretty well regarded in napa wines from what I know but I personally haven’t had one of their wines yet.

I’m probably wrong, but I think 5 years old for cab is getting to the end of the young phase (yet smoother than “really young”), and just before the dumb phase. If I’m right, you will want either to drink these quickly, or set aside for many years.

um… If the winemaker was well known I might be in on this. :wink:

According to the duplicate listing of the Rutherford on CT, it went at auction for under $27 and the average value is $34 and change.

How was the 2006 vintage different from 2005 and 2007? I have noticed quite a few 2006 Napa CS on the discount wine sites lately, most of them higher-end offerings.

Some of the opinions on CT say to put this down for a few years, which could explain what you are saying.

Has anyone noticed the pricing trend this week?

Monday - $65 for 4 bottles
Tuesday - $65 for 3 bottles
Wednesday - $65 for 2 bottles

I’m guessing that part of the reason is that the 06’s are starting to go into their dumb phase and the wineries reduce stock because they only want to keep a portion in the cellar until it wakes up again.

So the game is to figure out what these are worth after the dumb phase. Stock up at low prices and retire on a full 3 woots after 20+ years in the cellar. If only the 5tupld corkscrew would stop opening bottles prematurely…

Woot changes s t u p i d to stupid. Kind of funny

As many times as I try to tell the kinder about the importance of reading, you would think I would know… I was just looking at the “Emblem” logo and thinking it was unfamiliar in these parts.

Hi, Greetings from Napa! Can you drink these wines now? Yes, of course, we do so quite often and encourage it! That said, there are certain wines out there that are made in a style (flabby/high pH) that if you don’t drink them within a few years of bottling they will fall apart quickly…these are NOT those type of wines.

Michael and Rob make wine in a style that is sometimes described as “old school” Napa - elegant, balanced, drinkable now, but capable of aging gracefully for many years. The message on the vintner voicemail was simply intended to mean that these wines aren’t going to fall apart anytime soon.

Hope that helps!

“Helps” is such an ambiguous word around here. There’s “helps,” as in, “the fact that I detest this wine helps me maintain my SIWBM* and marital harmony,” which is quite a bit different from “knowing the wine is just what I like helps me buy more of it for my overstocked wine cooler.”

*SIWBM: self-imposed wine buying moratorium

LOL. I hope that “helps” clarify the style, what you do with that info is outside my jurisdiction! :slight_smile:

I dug up this article from last year on Snooth about Michael and the wines the family is making now. Some nice comments on the Oso in particular if anyone is interested: