Emblem Mixed Sweet White Wines (4)

Emblem Mixed Sweet White Wines 4-Pack
Sold by: Folio Wine Company, LLC
$54.99 $124.00 56% off List Price
2009 Emblem Sweet White Wine, Monterey County
2014 Emblem “Oso Musqué” Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley

Pretty bottles!

Are these 375 mL or 750 mL bottles?


Blast it! I was picked as a Grape Debater for the 2009 Sweet White Wine. My wife and I drank it this past Saturday, and I took some notes … which I then proceeded to leave at home this morning. :frowning:

I can tell you this much just from memory: we both definitely liked the wine. It paired extremely well with our dinner of a Thai red curry chicken stir-fry … just the right amount of sweet we like with somewhat spicy Asian food.
I’m actually surprised to read the blend stats this morning and see that it’s only 0.4% Muscat Canelli - there were elements of that flavor profile that suggested a stronger presence.
We both pegged this as something we’d pay $12-15 for, so the Woot price is not out of line. (Assuming a not-huge differential between the price of this and the other wine in this pairing, although I assume that, regardless, this is the cheaper of the two.)
I’ll try to update with some more specific tasting notes once I get home from work this evening.

(One other quick note, though … the color is described as “liquid golden amber”. Yeah, it’s pee-colored. :wink:)

They’re 750’s. (I know the '09 sweet white definitely is, and both bottles look the same size in the pictures.)

Confirmed 750ml for both!

Wondering if any Grape Debaters for the Sauv Blanc are going to show up. If this had been only the sweet white, I would have pulled the trigger already, but I’m curious to hear someone weigh in on the other wine first.

Adding some of the notes I took Saturday, FWIW:
[]Sat in our 37° fridge from the time I got it (last Thursday) until about 20 minutes before dinner Saturday, when I pulled it out, decanted it, and left the decanter out until I poured the first glasses. First glasses were at about 55°.
]Remaining glasses were poured from the decanter straight from the fridge. Didn’t notice a significant difference.
[]Picked up a slight petrol note on the nose.
]On the nose it’s slightly almond. On the tongue, malty and kinda tangy.
[]Definitely could tell that there was some Riesling in it. But both my wife and I really thought that, (in addition to a higher percentage of Muscat) there was Viognier in the mix. Obviously we were wrong. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
]My wife’s comment was that this was “all middle, no top or bottom”.
[*]A few crystals in the bottom of the decanter when we were done.