Emblem Monterey Sweet White Wine (4)

Emblem 2009 Monterey County Sweet White Wine 4-Pack
$39.99 (Normally $80.00) 50% off List Price
2009 Emblem Monterey County Sweet White Wine
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And that the first purchase was 2,013 years ago!!! :wink:

May or may not get this. Mom likes her wines sweet.

I checked out their website and it only talks about their Cabs.

So what does that mean for this one?

Repeat from last week, except SoCal (to this Saturday (9/1)?) & NoCal gatherings are moving.

Courtesy of CJ:

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Is there anybody near San Jose who wants to split this?

I’m always trying to find wine my sister might enjoy and this is right up her alley! But, if she doesn’t like it, I don’t want to be stuck with 3 extra bottles…

This is a Michael Mondovi project (his Emblem cabs were here last year).

Tempting, just not sure I need four as I’m flush with whites at the moment.

Cesare you’re CT link points back to the wine.woot advert.

Here’s the correct link, although there’s not a single review…so not much help:


BTW these were also the same folks that brought us the Kaleidoscope white (down to my last bottle).

I’d be up for a split. You want to pull the trigger? If you’re going on the September Wellington visit we can settle up then? Or? I’m easy :slight_smile:

Michael Mondavi was also the winemaker behind one of the best QPR wines I’ve ever bought from Woot, the Kaleidoscope White Blend.

I’m in for a set of these but really hoping that there is a new vintage of Kaleidoscope on the horizon.

EDIT: once again I be slow… bsevern beat me to the punch!

I never buy the wine, nor do I read the write-up but the white wine caught my eye today. I don’t like sweet wine but I had to notice the restrictions on receiving deliveries of wine- I think it ought to state that you must not be drunk when placing your order as well.

Sorry. Had to digress.

Tempted, but wondering of it has a lot of carbs.

Gosh, these federal regulations really are out of control! I was clearly under the mistaken impression that drunken on-line ordering was the much heralded “route to recovery” for our economy. And it’s a two-fer, since one must purchase and consume the wine (or tipple of choice) and then purchase the item on-line…

It is both more effective and less embarrassing than drunk dialing an ex, or drunk posting on a comment page.

I’ve got nothing on this wine, though. I’d like to know if it was Reisling-style or Dessert/Mead-style sweet. Because bad sweet wine (ie, alcoholic grape juice) is usually pretty easy to find.

We really enjoyed the Kaleidoscope white; also down to one. Looks like this offering will be a no-brainer.

Will these cellar or is this a drink it now sweet wine?

What is the acidity/pH on this?

That would determine (for me, at least) whether this is a “dessert” sweet wine or a “quaffing” sweet wine.

Very different concepts, you know…


from CT

2009 Emblem Monterey County
Varietal Blend:

  • 58% White Riesling
  • 27.5% Gewürztraminer
  • 11.5% Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2.6% Semillon
  • .4% Muscat Canelli
    Residual Sugar: 36.0 g/L
    Alcohol: 12.03% alcohol by volume

Sweet, but not dessert wine sweet (which typically have an RS of well over 100)I think)

As a newbie (be gentle when responding)…Is this like Moscato wine sweet?

I’m a newbie as well, but after spot checking residual sugar for a few moscatos I’ve had (note: I realize RS isn’t the only factor in determining perception of sweetness), it seems this wine would actually be on the less-sweet end of the spectrum. More comparable to the higher alcohol moscatos, and certainly less sweet than say, a barefoot moscato.

this just might be perfect for Thanksgiving, my family likes sweet wine hmmmmm and I am out of my kaleidoscope