Emblem Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (4)

Emblem Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 4-Pack
$59.99 $̶1̶1̶1̶.̶0̶0̶ 46% off List Price
2008 Emblem Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
CT link above

Winery website

$15/btl here at woot absolutely smokes the CT average of $37!

Vintner Voicemail doesn’t really tell us much about the wine however, and no CT notes for this vintage.
Beyond the numbers, what is this one like?

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I have five bottles of Emblem cab, but they’re 2006 Emblem Oso Vineyard, and the non-vineyard designate 2006 Folio Emblem, but I’ve yet to open a bottle. This is a good price.

good price for a great wine but current vintage is 2010 which might cost a little more

W.E. gives it an 87.

Waiting for a positive comment to pull the trigger.

For $5 a bottle more, I can actually get a Napa Cab I know I like.

I found W.E. (Wine Enthusiast) reviews for the 2008 Emblem Rutherford and Oso Vineyard bottlings at 87 points but no reviews for this Napa designated bottling. May want to double check or do you have a link?


There are a few notes in CT for the previous vintages which should give you an overall impression of style and quality.

Has to be cheep because no one in NY can buy it
C’mon Woot I have a ton of stuff in check out.
Doesn’t this hurt your sales?
Do I have to move to NJ or are they out too?
Other retailers still ship to us -New York

I did look at those, and typical of CT they seem rather scattered and inconsistent. Some claim sweet, others tannic and yet others smooth. No mention of this at all on Emblem and that’s rather surprising. Given it’s an '08, even at this price I’m going to have to hold until some info from known palates appears, or perhaps some better info from the winery than what was in the voicemail. Nice sounding blend, but with a pretty high pH. Were those 18 months in all new, or what mix of old/new?

Sorry for the problems. This thread should help explain things.

QPR is popping on this one.

You just had to say that.


Since there don’t seem to be any bottles in the wild, do tell us more.
Take one for the group, pull a cork and shill a bit, but with details,
or make Neil do it! It’s noon.

I love a good cab at a great price(Raised by Wolves, Unbridled, etc…)

Woot has been good to me in this regard.

However, would really like to hear from the winery or someone who has actually had the wine before taking the plunge.

Anyone…anyone…, Bueller??

What he said… +1

It’s unusual that there are no tasting notes from any wooters and a whole work day has passed on the east coast. Have they moved to greener pastures en-mass ? Difficult to buy with no comments!

I am not sure if I have had this vintage, but the Emblem is a nice every day drinker, especially at this price point. I have a 7-8-9 Oso Vertical going! IIRC I had this with a steak panini from down the street at the tasting room and it was DELICIOUS!