eMedia Mahogany Soprano Ukulele Pack

eMedia Mahogany Soprano Ukulele Pack

Damn, woot. You raised this price by $20. I bought this few months back for $38.

If you could find the sale you’re referring to, please send. I just looked in our system and we sold it twice before today and both times it was at $54.99 for the brand new ukulele pack. I would be happy to look into whatever you can find!

On March 4th it was $37.99.

But the case I got was not quite as nice looking as the one now shown and I didn’t get any picks.

It still might be a good deal because the software is really helpful and I’ve been having fun with it, never having played a string instrument. Which reminds me, should I still be having to tune the two outside strings all the time? It has been a few months and the two inside ones hold their tuning pretty well but the tow outside ones get way out even in a few hours. How much stretching do the strings do because it doesn’t seem like the knob things are slipping…

ETA: the ukulele I got is linden and birch, not mahogany. Might explain the price difference too. .