Emergency Holiday Provision Gift Package

Emergency Holiday Provision Gift Package
$19.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1Emergency Holiday Provision Gift Package

CT link above. This is drinking pretty damn well right now!

Previous Offer:

The champagne stoppers sell for $8/piece on Amazon. I loved mine, but after a while it broke. Still, very good thing to have around.

Any Woot branding on the corkscrew?

Doesn’t appear to be in the enlarged picture.

how does this wine compare to monkey prize?

I just opened a bottle of this last night, the year in the cellar improved it nicely. Hard to not just open them all right now, but I want to see how some more age is for them.

In for one. Almost exactly two (2) years since my previous wine.woot purchase and my first actual wine purchase.

Very different. MP was primarily Cabernet and was a much bolder wine. EHP is primarily Sangiovese, so it’s lighter bodied. The MP has also (IMHO) peaked and probably won’t be improving with age whereas the EHP is better now than it was 6 mos ago and will probably be where the MP is 8-12 mos from now.

I had some of this at the Shirt.Woot 2-year anniversary party, and it was pretty good… not one pleasing to the general public, but if you’ve already had a few, it won’t really matter. Very strong flavor, probably good with meat and well-seasoned side dishes and the like. With all the goodies that come with this, it’s a very good buy.
If you hold off until next holiday season to drink it, it should be better, from what I’ve heard.

I need a good reasonably priced corkscrew, but the one here doesn’t look like it’s the one. I guess it’s an emergency corkscrew. Maybe later in the week?

This style stopper works great. The keys to keeping the bubbly bubbly are to keep it on ice and not leave it open between pours.

Ahhh… this looks like fun!
In for two.

So I know you get some extra knick knacks, but this is waaaaaaaay more expensive than the previous wooting cited. This would be ~$120 for six bottles, versus $60 last time. Plus, I don’t know if I would actually want someone to know I’d forgotten to get them a present. I might give it as a gift to someone who would appreciate woot humour, though.

i think you’d have to consider that the stopper, pourer and corkscrew count for at least half the price, so you can’t compare this with the last offering dollar for dollar straight up. so in that respect, it’s about the same. i’m still deciding whether i need to buy this or not, as i’m down to 3 bottles of EHP now, and have yet to pop one open this season.

Well, I suppose if you don’t get this and you’re stuck without a corkscrew, you can always try to open a bottle with a handy-dandy shoe.

I really wanted to buy a case of this! at least I got my adequate gift!

Checking Amazon, the lowest price for a decent(?) corkscrew of this style was $7 (most were approaching $20), the lowest priced equivalent pourer/stopper was about $6, and the lowest priced similar champagne sealer was about $6, for a total of $19 for the 3 items. That means EHP costs only 99 cents. I’ve had it, and its worth at least that much. I’ll be in as soon as I get my birthday coupon.

Question: Does the whole set come in a wrappable box?

To open a wine bottle with a shoelace:

  1. Push the cork into the bottle.

  2. Pour a small amount of wine into a cup or glass.

  3. Tie a figure 8 knot in one end of a shoelace.

  4. Work the knot into the bottle until it is below the cork.

  5. Re-float the cork using the wine in the cup.

  6. Pull up on the shoelace slowly and firmly.

Does anyone know if this is a double hinged corkscrew? I was looking at the enlarged picture of it, but could not tell. I am a bartender/server and I am constantly needing a new corkscrew due to the hinges going bad every couple of months, but need the double hinged variety for ease of use. In for 1