Emergency Holiday Provision Gift Package

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Emergency Holiday Provision Gift Package - $8.99 + $7.00 shipping shipping

1 * Emergency Holiday Provision Gift Package

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I could so change a tire with a bottle opener.

Ah, what the heck… I need a new corkscrew :slight_smile: In for 1.

I don’t really need any more wine openers, but I suppose someone’s stocking could use one this year!
I remember this being pretty tasty plonk to bust out at holiday parties!

Time for a Wine Woot break I guess.

speaking of woot cellars in general, anyone popped a cork on the adequate gift lately? I was thinking of opening one this weekend to see how it tasting.

Darn. I thought there would only be a few of these, like the last time it showed up in a Woot-Off, and I could gloat.

Hey woot… you can knock the extra $2 off shipping unless these are heat sensitive and need frozen ketchup packets too :slight_smile:

epic quote. consider it stolen.

Umm, I will now have 3 backup corkscrews. You know, just in case.

Is the corkscrew double hinged?

EHP review at Snooth!


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Oh my doG - they really are digging deep into the back of that warehouse - hope it was temp controlled!

In for 3. For no apparent reason except I have utterly lost my self control

Please…In my family…As soon as my brother sucks all of the oxygen out of the room, the wine opens itself. No need this.


Sorry, sis…I love you.

My reckoning: Evebn if I have to throw the wine away, the corkscrew, foil opener and other thingy are worth it for the price alone! Three… mmm, presents!

one for the bedside table, in the bathroom and in the garage - they are for emergencies!

You all know this includes a bottle of EHP, right??? Buy 3!!!

I just had my 5th and was sad I only had 1 left. Its drinking beautifully right now. Original price was $10 each - this one is $8 and all those gadgets are free (or the gadgets are $8 and the EHP is free, whatever).

And I might not have to pour it away either. Look at the TA on that beauty!