Emergency Weather Alert Radio - 2 Pack

Can these radios provide instant weather forecasts and/or current weather conditions or are they only active when an area weather alert has been issued?

The National weather service does provide current weather reports and as well as weather forecasts, both for the upcoming hours and daily summaries. It’s not a very convenient way to get the weather if you have internet access, since you have to wait for them to get to the location you are interested in, (they cover a very large area in my part of the country) but it’s nice to get weather forecasts and alerts while I’m out camping or working away from cell service.

From the vendor:
This radio provides access to several weather channels to get current weather conditions. It is not an “alert only” radio like some are.

These radios receive all 7 of the specific channels within the frequency range of 162.4 MHz through 162.55 MHz. I don’t know the coverage area of each (I’m sure the amount oz coverage varies) but from my house I can receive 3 of these channels from different parts of the state. Choose the station that congress in the clearest and that is likely the one to cover your area.