Emeril by All-Clad Hard Anodized 8" & 10" Fry Pan Set


Emeril by All-Clad Hard Anodized 8" & 10" Fry Pan Set
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Solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Great pans. Excellent deal.

Are these the so-called “fake” ones constructed from cheap materials or the real thing? If it’s the real thing, then great deal indeed.

Yes, inquiring minds want to know!

Where are these manufactured? US or China?

Is the Emeril logo on the pans painted on or etched into the metal?

Don’t know about fake, but the reviews on Amazon aren’t very positive for this set…

There are, indeed, comments on Amazon that these are knockoffs or just lower quality than other Emeril/All-clad pans. I know that I just bought an Emeril stock pot at a Ross for about 10¢ on the dollar, and it was a great buy. Not as heavy as the best All-Clad, but still very nice for what I paid.

But I mainly just came here to say that this is the best scenario for nonstick pans: Good but cheap. There is no sense in buying high-dollar teflon because the coatings always will degrade to the point that they’re not working and are probably shedding unhealthiness into your food. Get these, use them for a few years and when they’re shot, you won’t feel like you have to keep using them.

If you buy cheap pans that is true. I have several real All-Clad teflon pans which I purchased about 15 years ago. I use at least one of them every day and they are still in great shape. If you take care of them and don’t use metal utensils in them, they can last a long time.

We have an older Emeril, built by all-clad. It is indistinguishable from the rest of our all-clad pots/pans. Life is too short to be cooking on junk. I suspect you are getting a decent all-clad pan for next to nothing.

Emeril by All-Clad E919S2 for $42 @ Amazon. This set is “Emeril by All-Clad 2100055652”

These two are not the same???

I purchased a set of Emeril All-Clad 15 years ago at an open box sale somewhere. It’s a great set. Sturdy handle, excellent heavy feel, predictable heating. 15 years of daily use has degraded the non-stick a bit, but it has never flaked or chipped. Still very attractive in the cabinet. Similar weight and feel to my Calphalons.

China according to Emeril website.


These should be the same thing.

All of Emeril by All-Clad made in China.

All of Emeril by All-Clad made in China while All-Clad made in USA. It’s possible that the Amazon reviews were expecting US made. They aren’t knock-offs.

Do these have lids?

No. Fry pans generally don’t have lids. Skillets will have lids.

I learned something new today!

Are these ok to stick in the oven?

They look all metal but who knows…