Emeril by All-Clad Stainless 12-pc. Cookware Set


Emeril by All-Clad Stainless 12-pc. Cookware Set
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Time to learn all about All-Clad

I have this set, and I was so excited when I bought it. We bought a new induction cooktop and needed new pots… for 100 bucks, it’s a good deal, but they aren’t high quality cookware, more like discount stainless. They are just pots made in China. The handles are rather wimpy, but the lids work like strainers which is awesome but in the same breath, you don’t get a tight fit with them. We actually moved them to our vacation home, since my husband was tired of hearing me complain when I used them, and bought a set of Henckels. Great for a beginner set though.

On amazon for $200

I have a similar set bought a few years ago. Still generally pleased with them. Solid, no warping, lids fit well. Good deal.

I can’t recommend this set highly enough. I’m no fan of Emiril Lagasse and I generally dislike throwing in with celebrity endorsements, but this set rocks. I’ve been cooking on them for years and they’re every bit as great as All-Clad, but much much cheaper!

I also have an older set of these that I totally love but they are a different animal altogether. My Emiril set has the laminate bottom with a layer of copper and the lids are different. But I would still consider buying these for the price.

Anyone knows if the handle would heat-up during cooking?

After buying this brand in a set of knives, which I threw in the trash after rusting, I don’t think I will trust them again. They couldn’t have been any more cheaply made.
Plus, haven’t similar Cuisinart sets been selling here for about the same price?

Only the bottoms are actually clad three ply which means that the bottom heats evenly but unless the sides are clad also stuff will still burn. But that why real clad cookware cost this much for 1 stock pot.

The cooking performance of this stuff may be fine, I have never used one, but is this the right combination for you? The makeup of this set might be great for some households, but not for others. At my place we are only 2, but we have a couple or 2 over at times. My stuff was acquired a piece at a time (the 2-qt arrived just this week) and is about 3/4 All-clad 3 ply stainless, which I love. I have (1) 1-qt, (2) 1.5-qt, (1) 2-qt, (2) 3-qt, (1) 8-qt pots, and it’s the 1.5 qt ones that are the workhorses (I just added the 2-qt and expect it to be frequently used). I think maybe twice ever have both of the 3 qt been used at the same time. This set would not be useful to me at all. My son’s place is a family of 6, I am slowly building them a set 1 piece at a time, and they need more of the larger pots (replacing the Calphalon non-stick set she had to have for her wedding, then she discovered quality stainless). The flagship all-clad 3 ply stainless is a fantastic product, my 15 year old pots look and work just like new, and all will be passed one after we no longer need them. Worth the money, but ‘a piece at a time’ is how many of us need to acquire a set. Very costly stuff. The even more costly 5 ply I assume is equally great or even better, but at even more money I’ve not bought any.

Where is this set made? I know All-Clad is USA, but a single pan is twice the price of this entire set.

I have this set and the handles are well designed to have minimal cross-sectional area near the base of the handle so heat can’t travel up the handle very far before dissipating.

I have this set. Construction is good BUT lip on both sides of pan means it takes quite a while for water to boil. Steam escapes through the lip, slowing down the process. Manual suggests not cooking above medium temp. If these two things won’t bother you, then go for it. As for me, I’d buy All Clad if I had to do it again.
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