Emerson 22" 720p LCD HDTV

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Emerson 22" 720p LCD HDTV
$109.99 + $5 Standard OR $18 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I have this TV and I enjoy using it in the kitchen.

Here are some reviews.

Looks like a very good price.

Hrm. For $20-$30 more I got a 26" in the last woot!off from what is imo a somewhat more reputable brand, and it does 1080. Need 1 more cheap and reasonably-sized TV/monitor for another room (wish I would’ve bought 2 of the 26" Vizio) but I just don’t think this is it… (brand I have no experience with & minimal screen size and accompanying 720p max res.; generic LCD performance.)

I don’t know where a 22" 720p TV would fit… Maybe kitchen?

I just bought 32" Sceptre 1080p TV from Walmart.com. Total with free shipping was around $230. I think ~$100 extra is reasonable and it can be used as a monitor too. So unless you have a gap you need to fill in your room to room, wall to wall, full-time HDTV coverage, I think tonight’s Woot is a miss…

shall i buy three to go with my three rokus??? or wait for 1080???

Let’s take a poll.

Product website.

Is this a TV/Monitor, or a TV that has a computer input?

Or, will it work as a GOOD monitor?

I’ve got a Samsung 27 inch LED LCD tv/monitor, that is just AMAZING. Will this measure up to that standard? (YES, I know it’s smaller!)


I have had this same TV on my balcony in Las Vegas for the last two years. It has taken the scorching heat, lots of dust, and a few rainstorms and it still keeps on working. There is no need for anything better than 720 on a 22" tv, you just won’t notice the difference. It is a great little tv and has never let me down with all of the ABUSE I have thrown at it.

Based on my experience with Samsung monitors, I’d conjecture that this will NOT live up to that image-quality level.

Most reviews say it lasts as long as the three month warranty that it comes with and then most people say its the worst buy ever made. At this price it may be worth a roll of the refurbished dice

This write-up makes me feel guilty for using my 32" HDTV to watch soap operas (Classic 90210) and reality shows (People’s Court). I’m assuming even TBBT is widescreen and hidef.


Not LED, so not so good. Would be nice to see non-LED LCD in the description. I know that this is the way things are marketed these days, but it does probably throw off over half the buying public.

Having said that, this is the first time since the launch of the new website that I have commented. Maybe I’ll posts some comments over in the beta feedback area, but overall, I must say that Woot has gone in the wrong direction with the new site. Sometimes less is better - adding more clutter is a mistake that is made way too often when sites are “upgraded”.

Ok. I’ve got to go now and check out that avocado stuff over at home. Could be my first chance to purchase something using the new site so I can find more issues to complain about.

Upon further research, mine is the previous model, but still holding up well and has no issues.

Yeah, I got mine at Costco on a Christmas sale, for only $300. Samsung T27A300 model. I use the TV feature maybe 2 times a month, but as a monitor, it SHINES! I’m looking at it now!

Instead of a TV with computer capability, it’s a monitor, with a TV tuner. Yes, there IS a difference!


You want the description to mention all of the things that the TV doesn’t have? Non-LED, No built in DVD player, not 1080p, no wifi… the list would be rather long.

Plug one of these babies into the HDMI port and you can have a PC in the kitchen. I managed to snag one a couple weeks ago. It’s faster than my netbook.

Android PC on a Stick

Is this a deal? Hells yes! The first color “set” I bought was only 2" larger, and it took 2 or 3 people to move. Cost me $831 bucks. And, trust me, I was making nowhere NEAR $831 bucks a month. So here you have a FAR superior product, priced at…well, you probably have it paid for before you take your first coffee break.

There is a difference in how the picture is displayed between 1080i (which is what this screen uses) and 1080p (which is what I’ve seen on other products).

This site:
1080i vs 1080p - Similarities and Differences
says that 1080p “results in a smoother looking image, with less motion artifacts and jagged edges.”