Emerson 22" 720p LCD HDTV

Nothing to write home about. The specs are pretty boring and it has a minimum of connectors. It’ll probably do fine as a kid’s TV or for viewing in the laundry room or kitchen. But quality control has always been an issue for Emerson so this TV may fail within a year.

An average of 3 stars from 16 reviewers on Walmartm where it is $158 new.

For $90, these would be great to distract the kids from my good TV.

I see an average rating of 4.5 stars here.

This is a good HDTV if you can’t afford an HDTV.

And $130 for the refurb. Looks like a good woot if you’re in the market

Link to manual:

and to the sales leaflet:

FAQ in general:

Beware - Emerson TVs rarely work with any form of universal remote. If you lose the one that comes with it you have to buy an exact replacement.

Are you sure about this? I first became familiar with the name from the list of codes for a universal remote. Also it looks like they make the ‘standard’ jumbo universal remote.

Your story sounds implausible.

I need a monitor for the HP desktop I bought on Woot earlier this week. Would this work OK or should I get a dedicated monitor? If it matters, I wouldn’t need it for video games.

No QAM!?

They had the same model number in the last Woot-off for $99.99. Mine works just fine with my DirecTv remote.

Very good price for a 22" tv, but, the inputs are very limited. One HDMI, one VGA, one component, and NO composite. Not that most people should use composite extensively these days, but that means if you have an older piece of tech that has composite output only, you cannot hook it up directly to this tv. Older cameras, most portable DVD players, even VCRs, etc.

A cheap adapter solves that problem.

If you’re looking for the codes for an off-brand TV (house brand, or brand name that doesn’t make TVs itself like Polaroid or Sylvania) try the Funai codes.

It has composite and component but they share input jacks. Annoying if you want to use both!

When using the RCA (Composite) connection, plug the yellow coated Video cable into the green (Y) input jack.

exactly my thoughts! I think my good tv has logged more dora the explorer and yo gabba gabba than anything else.

atsc tuner? so with optimum cable i will be able to get some channels off the tuner built in?

Wow, nice pick-up! I almost pulled the trigger on this since I missed the last sub $100 HDTV. The last one did have QAM, this one does not. Glad I read the posts first!

NO! You can only pickup over the air TV with ASTC…it won’t receive anything over cable. You need to see “Clear QAM” in the specs for the tuner to pickup cable channels. Hope I got you in time! D: