Emerson 32" LCD HDTV

srsly u guys? you just sold like 1500 TVs during the wootoff.

In an effort to keep this relevant… oh fuck it.

First? Guess everyone else is at the wootoff

Am I first?

available at buy.com (respiffied) for $10 more with free shipping and no tax for TX folks


At this point (1 month away from BF), I think I’ll give this a pass and wait to see what 32" are on sale then for a comp monitor

Woot for the love of god I don’t need a TV! I already bought one from you!!!

Wot killer is a TV and now sellout woot a TV… sheesh!

i did not like the woot off one bit ive been waiting since the last woot off for something good and nothing with all those expensive tvs and pcs we need something cheaper

this tv looks like junk but that is the price im willing to spend

1 Emerson 32" LCD HDTV

$379.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference

I’ve had this exact TV over a year and love it.

So when is the sell off ( or whatever it is called over here) going to happen? There was a fake one a while ago.

Woot off. I think the last woot off I bought 6 power squids. I combined them into 1 plug now equals 25 plugs. Powers everything in my living room, bedroom, and dining room.

What’s that burning smell?

My problem is I am a cheap stickler, or a videophile without a wallet. I like clean dark blacks without bleeding, something hard to get from LCD. Especially now that I am really going to need to replace the tube tv, I want to get the most bang for me buck. This tv has about 25 reviews on walmart saying it just “died out of nowhere” and atleast they offer extended warranties. I’m waiting till black friday. Maybe a panasonic viera for under $600. Maybe I’ll just catch a closing circuit city.

Emerson TVs get pretty good reviews on alatest.com and that’s… well… pretty good.

got this when i saw it on woot in september. i got a poor refurb (big crack in base and a button panel that was going haywire which i had to go into the tv and disconnect), but it seems to be a good tv overall – very good for the price. keep in mind that universal remotes wont work with the TV unless they have a learning function.

a lot of people have reported having this tv break after about a year, too, so be sure to get a two year extended warranty. woot advertises squaretrade for warranties, which seems like a fine deal

Was going to say the same thing. I need a 32in for my wii so I don’t use my projector all the time to play the old classic games. At this point I think you will find a new 32in tv for under $400 black friday and I don’t think it will be a door buster either where you have to get up at 3am. I think someone will have one most of the weekend for around $400.

No QAM tuner? Forget… without it you can’t tune to cable HD channels without a cable box.

Yup this isn’t a very impressive price and for you $379 x 8.25% tax (IDK texas tax so I guessed) = $31.27. This tv is $415.27 (after tax + shipping) for you and buy will sell it $389 w/ free shipping. It is a sad day when another reputable company out-woot’s woot.com.

Honestly, I love woot, but if I had the chance to buy anything on here from a company like Buy.com or Newegg.com for $5 more I would in a heart-beat just because they have fantastic return policies and I have heard of people having troubles getting any warranty at all from the manufacturer after buying from woot.
(In woots defense it is probably the user, but I can’t say for sure). If woot wants to sell something that Buy.com already has for cheap they better drop it by a minimum of 10% before it is worth it.

Now this TV has a 90-day woot warranty. But I read the fine print and it says if I call the TV crap, even if it is, they won’t honor the warranty? LAWL! Buy.com gives a 90-day MFG warranty, and I bet I can call it crap and they still take it back.

This is America. If a product really is crap (i.e. does not do what is intended or to the listed specifications, or just falls apart) we deserve our money back. Caveat Emptor need not apply. I could understand if woot was selling something with no warranty for 1/2 the price of everyone else (like ebay sometimes) but to save $5 and go from a MFG warranty to a woot warranty isn’t worth it to me.

None of what I say matters, nothing will change because of me. But I speak what I believe to be is the truth.

Is that guy on the TV a Longhorns fan? Or maybe he just loves the Devil…