Emerson 32" LCD HDTV




too many TVs

So much for the alphabet thing.

Will it work with a roomba??

i want it but i want to see the next tv


an LCD tv???

whaddaya know?

not much!

sellout woot off killer

Why would anyone buy this over today’s woot…

I agree - this is like a game show…a really bad game show where everyone loses.

If $399.99 is the lowest price like I wildly guess the main page eludes to, then this is almost over…

come on already with the 26" vizio we all want them dammmmmit

I know,

count floyd and Dr. Tongue in Monster Chiller Horror Theatre, with dave thomas eyes.

Has anyone been following the storyline? This is an amazing soap opera! And, unfortunately, it seems to be wrapping up… I would assume that the end of the Sell-Off is going to be coming up soon…

wrong, next

I own this tv. Its a good tv, and… a lot cheaper on here than what I bought mine for.

The warranty on these are the one at woot just is the deal breaker for me.
If it’s dead or broken you are responsible for shipping the product to Woot at your expense.