Emerson 32" LCD HDTV

1 Emerson 32" LCD HDTV

$349.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference

Emerson TVs have some reviews to skim through on Amazon if you wanna check them out first…

If it weren’t for these 90 day warranty refurbs… I’d spend a lot more money at woot.com

If the warranty were longer I’d be all over this.

Refurbished Emersons are asking for trouble. This is based on past experience on my part.

Good luck to those of you who go for it, though.

Costco has a new sharp for 500

my sony xbr3 has 2xHDMI + audio l r , 1 hdmi solo, 0 dvi

The HDMI with seperate audio is in case you hook up you computer or something that has HDMI but no audio through it. Like mine is now. It’s pretty nice.

An HDMI input with analog L/R input is so a DVI-HDMI adapter cable can be used with audio ran separately (like from a computer). At least, that is how I use it.

I just need a bedroom TV, looks nice but reviews seem to be scare, only about 10 or so. Has the perfect specs, just need to know if it will last 4+ years. :confused:

ehh I’m gonna spend 45 bucks more on hot friday and get the 32" AOC from RadioShack on blackfriday, 1 year warranty, brand new. Thanks anyway woot.

Anybody find any reviews of this particular TV or have any experience with this brand? I am looking for a TV this size but don’t want it to crap out on me after the warranty is up.

That picture just creeps me out…

I got this respiffed off woot a couple months ago. Not a bad tv, although my respiff wasn’t a good one – the panel on top was broken and the stand has a crack across the whole thing. Still, the picture and sound are ok and i have no major complaints about the thing in general. It was worth the $400 to me back then.
Black friday is coming up now, though. I’d say wait til then and try to grab a good deal on a new unit. There are some small quirks about this one that do bother me (i.e. channel changing and powering on are manageable but a little bit slow and SD channels do show up a bit hazy)

If this would have come up yesterday, I probably would have bought it to use as a monitor. Just pulled the trigger on a 22" for $179 on SnaggStuff… oh well :frowning:

Too close to black friday for me. Seen some ads already and you can get a new 32in better specs and year warranty for $399. A couple of places were 2 days sales so you didn’t have to line up on thanksgiving to get one. HOPEFULLY.

You still need to line up to get one… When they have super-good deals on Black Friday, they usually only have 3 or 4 of the item per store. If you’re really lucky they have like 20 of something. So if the store opens at 5AM, the best deal is often sold out by 5:15AM, and nearly always by 7:00AM.

I’ve had this television for about 2 years and have absolutely loved it. I bought it for the bedroom, so I didnt need 1080i or anything.

I’d recommend it at this price. I paid $500ish for it new.

Don’t do it. I bought this on woot last time it was offered. refurbs are not necessarily checked over before shipping them out to suckers like us. mine had a line across the middle of the screen. cost me way too much to return it. no more refurbs for me!!!