Emerson 40" 1080p LCD HDTV

**Item: **Emerson 40" 1080p LCD HDTV
Price: $249.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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5 Star Review

I owned 1 Emerson TV, and it was not a good experience. A few months in, the screen died. Customer service was not fun to deal with. After having my TV in for “repair” for 6 months, they finally issued me a refund of the price. I have never bought anything emerson since.

Let’s watch a real world review [youtube=fvEBX3yqUHo][/youtube]

Amazing how inexpensive these TV’s have gotten! If my calculations are correct, this thing’s only like $6.24975 per inch.

Emerson’s are junk. Bad enough the new one’s are crap, but to get a refurbished one makes it even worse.

This is a good price for a 40" TV but it’s an, er, Emerson… ugh. Most of their electronics are poorly-made generic Chinese stuff that you’ll also see under other similarly disreputable brands, i.e. Craig, Funai, Coby, etc.

Are you serious, Woot?

  • An Emerson (Seriously? Already questioning the price…)

  • 40 inch (Okay, I’m still listening–with skepticism…)

  • LCD (What? Not even LED-lit?)

  • 60Hz (Not 120?)

  • It’s a DUMB TV!?! (Not a SmarTV? No built-in netflix/youtube/etc. access…?)

Sorry, but that may as well be the final nail in this coffin.

Woot, I am saddened by this. For Shame. Really. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m assuming these are returns from Walmart’s 2012 Black Friday sale that were refurbished for resale. Each Walmart had LOTS of them. Yeah it was a black friday sale, but they were $198 new back then last year, so it’s kinda funny to see these refurbished for more than that price when they were new.

That said, my sister got one of these last year and it’s worked just fine and looks pretty good. The price is just a total head scratcher.

exactly…that’s what i paid new black friday and mine works fine so far also

My third purchase from Woot back in July of 2008 was a refurbished Emerson LCD TV. I gave it to my mom and it has been 100% trouble free for more than 5 years. Of course YMMV.

And yet satellite and cable get more and more expensive and have worse programming.

@superclean, agreed. But the best way to address that problem is with your feet (figuratively). Don’t buy products/services that are over-priced.

We cut that cord many years ago and have no regrets. Over the air TV picture quality is superior (less compressed) and free. Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are far cheaper.

Watch out for Internet provider throttling and web source filtering or discriminatory prioritization. Keep the Internet wide open.