Emerson Ice Maker

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New for $170 on here but it seems like most people reviewing it say they bought it new from Target for $109. Has okay reviews.

Nice video review to check out.


$15 cheaper in Best Buy’s outlet:


Some great reviews over here:



After much deliberation and flipping of coins, our buying team has decided to lower the price on this ice-making beauty to $55.99. That’s right. $55.99. Who can resist that price? AmIRight?

Now go buy 3, please.

Small Print: If you already purchased this item, you will automatically receive a refund for the difference.

Got one of these from Woot two years ago, and it didn’t work. Ended up throwing it away. So… buyer beware. Also, this is MUCH larger than appears in the picture. Not something you can just leave on the counter for occasional ice needs.

Then WHY didn’t you email soot for a return label??? You must obviously have money to throw away, as that’s what you did!

All right. I’m sitting here in DC where, as soon as the Inaugural stuff was out of the way, the weather went nuts & we have (a scattering of) snow and windchills in the 10s. So Sellout Woot comes forth with an Ice Maker. Check back tomorrow for Coals to Newcastle!

I wonder if there is actually a compressor in there or if it’s peltier based. The 30 watts in the specs is low for a Peltier so I guess it has a freon compressor system.

I bought this from Woot last time they had them and there was a compressor… I said was because I had to return it to Woot due to it being DOA so I never got to use it… This is a great deal and if it wasn’t a day before payday I would give Woot another chance…

What? No sales in Alaska?

These things are crap. The ice is bullet shaped and has a metallic taste.

We bought this back in July from Woot and I have to say, we love it. It ran every day for five months before we moved into a house that had an ice maker. Now we just use it for parties.

Yes, the ice is in a bullet shape, but you can select the size and no metallic taste here. In fact, we thought it was some of the best tasting ice (but I guess it depends on your local water. It does recommend bottled water if you have a lot of mineral deposits). Of course, you have to keep it clean, can’t let the water sit there for days - yuck. One downside - the ice maker does not keep the ice frozen. Once the ice is made, you must put it in the freezer or you’ll end up with water all over again.

I would recommend this. We love ours.

We love ours too! Bought one last time they were on Woot. We keep ours on our outside bar and also take it camping. It won’t keep the cooler filled, but it’s great for drink ice. It did develop a small crack in the tray, but there’s a great YouTube video to show how to fix it. It’s been working like a champ ever since! Neighbors always comment how they like it when they come over for parties.

Bought a similar one years ago and its still going strong.

Bought this same model from woot over the summer and it died in less than a month. Woot took it back no problem.

For the price I figured I’d try it again.

Bought one from WOOT last year. Not the fastest at making ice but never had a problem w/ it.

Thought about one many times and the “cool” factor but after testing my refrigerators ice makers real performance (empty to full) it makes 28lbs of ice in 21 hours so this has no real purpose and takes up counter space. Plus my Fridge is already using power regardless if it makes ice or not and it has an auto water feed. This model makes you add water to make ice. An extra step I’m not willing to make. Also if you want to make more than 26lbs, you have to scoop it out and put it in your freezer, refill the reservoir and start over.

I bought a Newair brand ice maker that appears to be this exact machine. It has been a great little machine. It makes its first batch of ice cubes in about 7 minutes. Ours runs all the time, the old ice melts and refills the water tank. I ordered one so I can have it at home to keep in my electronics lab in the basement, ensuring I can hide in the man cave indefinitely. I hope this is indeed the same one. That has been my luck with it anyway.

Got the Igloo brand, which is the exact same model, from Woot for about $100 two years ago. It was new though, not a refurbished unit. (These are sold in at least 4 different brands but exactly the same model) I have NEVER had a problem with mine.

One trick is to start with really cold water. If you do not the first ice cylinders will be really small. If you don’t have cold water, just leave the tray that catches the ice out of the machine for a few cycles so the ice that is made just goes back into the reservoir and chills the water. Check back after a few cycles and if the ice that has dropped into the reservoir is not melting quickly, put the tray back in and you will be happy with the size of the ice from then on.

I have never noticed a metallic taste with mine but it will retain the taste of bad water of course. I start with water from my reverse osmosis system and the ice tastes great. If you keep emptying it (and refilling the water) then put the ice you make into the freezer in a large bag you will be surprised how quickly this thing really works! And if you forget to empty and it stops due to the full sensor, you can speed up the restart by warming the sensor with your fingers for a few seconds. All this from experience. At this price I am tempted to buy another just in case my first one dies.

It is zero, nada, nothing degrees outside. THAT’S -32C. I’ll bet you are not selling a lot of these in the Northeast and I live in the southern part of NY state.