Emery Brown-Gold Geometeric Rug

How high is the pile?

I bought this from a previous woot. I don’t know much about rugs or how pile is rated… but the rug I received is basically flat. It is low enough that I can only barely grab the rug fibers with my fingers. That is what I like and makes it very easy for the neato robot vacuum (also previous woot) to travel over it.

I have had it for quite awhile and am very happy with it for the price I paid and am now looking at getting a different pattern/size for another room.

One downside I noticed, is that because of how low the pile is, it noticeably bunches when it is placed over carpet and heavy furniture is put on it - like our coffee table. I removed the pointy adjustable feet from the coffee table (to let it sit on the much wider base legs) and that minimized the bunching it to my liking.

I have two little kids and it has held up well and done its job of protecting the carpet in a high traffic area from everything toddler while still looking nice as well. I consider this like a car seat cover for my carpet.