Emery Estate Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon - 4 Pack

Emery Estate Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon - 4 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 2007 Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon
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Yum! This has my taste buds tingling!

In the message, its like he is reading the description of the
Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

“On the palate, generous flavors of wild berry, bittersweet chocolate and earth tones”

and not Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon
“th a nice nose of roasted herbs, coffee, black cherries and plums”

But the bit about approachable tannins is on target.

Its too bad I have racks of Cab Sav. Wine woot, we need MOAR Cab Franc here.

hmmmm taste like a $40 cab?
fruit forward, complex and velvety tannins

like the descriptions!

FYI Wine Wooters, Maryland was just added as a ship-to state. It was inadvertently left off the sale when it launched.

I need another cab to stock up on, but my wallet screams like Hades from the hole woot has begun to put in it. I think I’m addicted to woot, and all of its awesomeness. Help

This is my first wine purchase and I hope I have chosen well. I liked the price and description so took the plunge.

A question or two thou I do have.

I need to buy a couple of glasses as I don’t have any. Is there any features or beginner advice I should know before I look around in a store for some?

While I don’t expect the 4 bottles to be around for a long time is there any storage mistakes I can avoid? I assume the fridge like my beer or the freezer where I keep my hard liquor isn’t good. Just cool and out of sunlight good enough?

Thanks for any advice in advance!


Lab rat here, checking in after just getting home from an awesome 15-hour day at the office. (Ugh.) I’ll get my full write-up posted tomorrow morning, but I’ll throw out a Twitter-sized summary for now:

Well balanced and approachable cab. Fruit on the nose (plum & berry); high tannins; decanting helped. Quality matches price point.

In regards to glassware, look for a standard burgundy and a bordeaux glass, red and white. This is a good start. Once you get into it a bit more then start getting pickier with glass shapes. The shape amazingly enough has a tremendous affect on the wine but start with the basics.
In regards to storing the wine, keep it some place dark and cool. No fridge or freezer please. Enjoy

Sounds enticing - in for one!

On the fence–I’ve spent wayyy too much on here the past couple months; on the other hand, difficult to pass up an affordable cab…

Seems my other reply was removed… so I’ll just leave the invite out. If someone needs a invite, feel free to PM me or search the forums for one…plenty out there.

I’m a big fan of the set I got on Lot18. They are Schott Zwiesel Cru Classic Cabernet Glasses. Set of 6 for $78 and shipping.

There are also a pair of Bordeaux glasses by the same maker…I’ll be buying those in the next day or so.


Hey, I wasn’t expecting this wine to come up until Wednesday (that’s what my the email that gave me the exciting news that I was a Lab Rat said!), but it just so happens that my wife and I finished it off tonight so here goes:

First off, gotta say that whoever came up with the Lab Rat concept is a very smart cookie. I’ve enjoyed reading them to help decide whether to buy, and was very stoked to finally get a “golden ticket” myself. My wife and I both enjoy drinking and learning about wine, and we’re usually pretty close on our preferences and our evaluations, but not always.

The package was delivered at my office Friday morning and we figured we’d let it settle in for at least a day before we popped it open. Also, figured that we should probably evaluate it over a couple of days, by itself and with a couple of different foods. Honestly, my first thought when I saw the bottle was “Cool, something from the higher end Wild Horse Unbridled label”, since we’ve had some experience with those, but then I realized that it was from Sonoma not Paso.

We opened it on Saturday evening and poured two glasses, one through a Vinturi and one not. Initial thoughts:

Me-nice color with purple through the center and a slight red tinge on the edges. A bit hot (alcohol bite) on the initial smell and the first sip but that is to be expected. Getting lots of dark fruit. Some green characteristics are also showing up however, but not necessarily the classic good green pepper you might get in a cab. The aerated glass I felt, had a deeper and wider nose to it, but overall still had a tightness to it.

Wife-really likes the way it smells, dark coffee, blackberry jam, slightly floral? She pointed out some astringency and a “tanginess” that she didn’t like so much. She said she didn’t catch much difference on the aerated glass, but she had more reaction than I did on the non-aerated one.

Then we poured a glass so we could revisit it as the night went on and it had a chance to open up, and corked the other half of the bottle to enjoy the second day to see how it changed. I thought the tannins softened up the longer it was breathing, she didn’t taste much difference. I found myself wishing it had a little richer feeling to it, but overall I had a positive impression of the cab.

Day 2-poured another glass and let it warm back up. Wow. Different. Strange, but the richness I was looking for is now there. There is more spice and some chocolate as well. Even got a little bit of eucalyptus. My wife says the floral aspects she was getting yesterday are now more pronounced and clearly a rose smell. The green character is still there, and the tannins feel rather soft. Nice acidity, but not gonna be your high end classic cab. Has the vibe of a good everyday kind of wine, and at the price I see it is being offered for I don’t think you’d be disappointed. Lots of flavor, full bodied and a good mouth feel. I think perhaps the slight astringency keeps it from the next level. Definitely not one-dimensional though, it is interesting.

We tried some with a lamb sandwich, and the meat was just too much for the tannins in the cab. But when we paired it with a simple pasta with tomatoes, garlic, onions, mushrooms and rosemary, it was more than man enough to hold it’s own and shine.

Thanks again for the chance to be a rat, we’d love to do it again sometime!

Really nice review fwiw.

Great year for the location, but I’ve been spending way too much on this site. Just bought the poizon yesterday. This is gonna be a tough one to pass on. Hopefully, it sells out quickly and then I won’t have to make a decision.

Winery: pH numbers please? Also what would you say is the ideal drinking window for this wine?

Maryland + cheapish = in for sho!

sho = 1

I’d be curious as well, but it would be idle curiousity: I simply don’t buy Cabernet above 15% alcohol. Frankly, above 14.5% is a hard sell for me, and I look for Cabernet to be under 14%.

But, it’s a matter of style, I suppose. Stuff like this is intended to be drunk currently, but these are simply not the flavors I associate with Cabernet.