Emery Estate Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon - 4 Pack

Emery Estate Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon - 4 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 2007 Unbridled Cabernet Sauvignon
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Has anyone tried this from the previous offering? I haven’t had a chance to open my first bottle since I am still letting it settle after receiving it last week.

I received it and tried it a few days ago. Didn’t take notes but enjoyed it quite a bit. I have purchased about 3 cases of wine in the last week. Have to pass on this one.

Agree, I have bought about 5 cases in the last week. a few on woot and 3 or more from Ralphs. who is offering an aditional 30% of their sale price. got some killer deals at Ralph’s. seems the woot offs are past deals re offered.

From the reviews, and WD saying its a screamer, I went all in with 3 (yeah finally a 3 offer!) missed the first of the day but glad I got in on this one. Looking forward to some nice cab even if some review say to cellar for a year.

Received last week. I let it settle for about 6 days.
Last night I opened.
Pop and pour: dark berry with splint like deep roasted oak.
30 minutes: bright fruit revealing with smoothened mouthfeel.
Next day(big gap due to duty call): fruit abit humbled. Didn’t lose any structure and still drinking well.

As winedavid srongly recommended no doubt this is an champion for qpr

Which Ralph’s are you talking about? (If I may be so bold to ask)

In on a case of this and 1/2 case of the Columbia Crest on wired at $13. Nice to be able to split the purchases.

I got this when it was offered, and had a bottle of it a couple night ago actually. Tannin heavy, opens up really well. I’m not good at guessing drinking windows but I’d hazard a guess and say 2013-2014 will be its peak…

Very glad to hear you agree.

Ever wanted a $27 bottle for $12? Grab this. We are big cab drinkers and buy each on woot that come up. My favorite of any I’ve purchased including the black ties.

In for one on QPR alone. I am not a big cab guy, but no wooter can resist QPR!

In for 1 after this comment. Cellar is a bit full, but I haven’t had a good cab local or off of woot since the Corison on woot over a year ago (and haven’t seen since I believe).

Crud! I get “an error has occurred” going in for 3 and then I try again and it says sold out.

Not happy.

Yeah! The first time I think I’ve caused a sellout. I feel like I’ve finally accomplished something around here.

Go to the website, www.emeryestate.com, and enter Winewoot on the order page and you will get a discount. Looks like the next offer at WineWoot is up.

When I click on ship to state, the window keeps sliding down and does not take. Would like to get some shipped at the woot price, if avail.

I had some of this over the weekend, and really enjoyed it. Great price - tasted like a much more expensive wine. Next time it’s here I’m definitely in.