Emile Henry Flame Pizza Stone

**Item: **Emile Henry Flame Pizza Stone
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New

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Very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at williams-sonoma.com

Check out these comments from when this was offered in August

The one food on Earth I can not do without for more than a week or so without getting the shakes is pizza. To make it at home from scratch is a good option to have.

Lots of complaints about poor packaging and multi-segmented pizza stones upon arrival. They’re saying these issues have been resolved. I hope so because I’m buying one.

Problems were from an earlier sale of the rectangular stone. Not everyone received a broken stone (I didn’t) but too many did.

These are the round stones and they were hand-packed as shown below:

Here’s RogetRay’s post from last time. And here’s where the comments start on people receiving their stones.

I ordered last time it was offered and it was packaged very well.

I’m reporting the ordering problem. Hang tight.

Update: They’re looking into it.

Update 2: problem should be solved now. Thanks for your patience.

Wow…it is so.thin I cannot even see it!
[Yquote postid=“5571856” user=“ThunderThighs”]

I have a rectangular version of this stone in my oven and have been very pleased with it. The glaze is nice since it doesn’t absorb like a typical pizza stone does. I don’t exactly need another one, but I’m tempted…

It looks like the handles, being higher than the surface, would interfere with sliding a pizza on and off with a pizza peel. (At least, my 16" wide wooden one, anyway.) The leading photo on this woot looks as though they’ve assembled the pizza on the stone OUT of the oven. That’s not the way I understand using a pizza stone.
Can someone that has one of these enlighten me?

I think that picture is what you get when you hire someone in marketing without first asking if they’ve ever made a pizza.

I suspect that you will have problems with a 16" wide peel and a 14.5" wide stone given the handles. I saw this stone at Bed Bath & Beyond and opted for the wider rectangular version.

The handles don’t make a lot of sense to me. Whatever is on the stone will just continue to cook if you use it as a serving tray as well. Unless of course you use it as a serving tray instead of a cooking stone, but if you’re doing that, just buy a serving tray.

In a related note, does anyone have a great dough recipe?

Oh, I do, I do!

I’ve been making pizza at home for years, and here’s my current favorite recipe. The page has a link to a video from Chef John, which is amazing.

I’m not a shill…just a fan!

I have this stone from a previous offer and bought another during the Woot off. I love it! The handles are raised but have not interfered with the sliding off of the peel, and I have a large peel! The smooth surface is much nicer than the Pampered Chef stones that I have. I have used the Emile in the oven as well as the grill and love the results. The packaging was so secure, I had to work very hard to get the stone out of the wrappings.

Okay, you guys have convinced me. Now where do I get the peel?

Ummmm…I can’t order one! HELP! All I see is some gears when I click “Order” - glitch?

Later: There were 2 stones in my cart when I checked, so even though the glitch still exists, I DID order. Thanks, Woot, I hope the stone is worth it!

I have three of these. A square one for my out door grill and two round ones for two homes. They are terrific to cook almost anything on them…from baked goods to grilled food…vegetables, shrimp. I don’t worry about cleaning them though. I simply scrape them clean and heat them up. The last one I bought was from Woot a couple of months ago. The packaging was superb.
Here’s the peel I use. Think of it as a large kitchen spatula. It has a variety of uses.


I bought this the last time it was available. Packaging worked perfectly; no issues with breakage. And the stone is great. I use it for most things; not just pizza. Does a terrific job.

I orderd this during the ‘home garage sale’ deal that went on a few weeks back.

Overall I loved it. As some pictures earlier showed it came in REALLY well packaged.

The weird thing is it came with no instructions on care, use, etc. I have never had a pizza stone before but have heard its good for things like baking too. I wasn’t sure about how to clean it (is soap ok?), how to store it(can I leave it in the oven?), if it should be preheated (it should), and what to do to avoid cracking which I heard was an issue with pizza stones in general. Really disapointed I had to look most of this up.

On the product itself, its sturdy, looks good, and feels solid despite being thin. At this price I heartily reccomend.