Emile Henry Rectangular Baking Stone - Black

**Item: **Emile Henry Rectangular Baking Stone - Black
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $14 One-Day
Condition: New

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afraid to reorder as all 3 were broken last time

Both my original and replacement broke in transit. Too scared to buy again.

Ordered two last time. Both broken. Hopefully the folks ordering this time have better luck.

Anyone who orders this time, post if they arrived broken or not.

I got 2 last time around. Both arrived broken. Most idiotic packing job I’ve ever seen: tossed in a big box with one piece of cardboard between them. Absolutely no way they could’ve survived. This is a great deal if you could actually get them. I really don’t understand how they make their packing decisions - this is a big, heavy ceramic piece, needs to not move at all and be double-boxed. As it is, you will get a bunch of heavy ceramic garbage you’ll have to throw out. Don’t bother.

I’m not at all surprised that I’m not the only person who received shattered baking stones during the last sale. I contacted customer service after receiving the first package and described the very poor/light packing material to them. The replacement box arrived with LESS packaging material and, no shock, another shattered baking stone. The third box arrived and, well, you get the gist. I would actually have liked to have received an intact one but they finally just gave me a refund (not my choice) instead of re-sending yet another insufficiently packed one (never mind trying to pack it properly!!). Given the number of broken ones mentioned in this feed, I’m sure there were more. How is it more cost efficient to keep re-sending new stones instead of spending a little money on decent packing materials? Oh, that’s right, it’s not. Disappointed.

I figured what the hell and ordered 2 more. If these arrive broken, woot has nobody to blame but themselves as they simply didn’t learn their lesson from the shipping fiasco the last time these were up.

My replacement stone was the same way as yours which had less packing material than the original. I sent a complaint as well but maybe I upset Woot? Just don’t understand…

Big Mistake!

As soon as I saw the box I knew I should have went with my instincts and stayed far away from this. It was crushed and slightly torn open on the end and as soon as I picked it up it had that familiar grating sound. The sound of broken tiles rubbing against each other.

They were delivered to my office while I was at lunch otherwise I would have refused delivery. I haven’t even opened the box. I will contact customer service and ask if the would like me to give the package back to the UPS driver.

Did everyone else get their stones in one piece?