Emjoi DentaPure Toothbrush Sanitizer

Item #7 since midnight,…


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finally something useful

Glad its not a refurbished one :slight_smile:

SWEET! Now the whole family can share the toothbrush.

Really…must be coming to a close.

For the germaphobe on your list…

I bought one a year ago and love it, couldn’t live without it. You should by one… or ten!

I always wanted to buy something that would replace using boiling water to clean my toothbrush!!! WIN!

This item qualifies as an essential item in any bag o crap. I bet that’s where a lot of these end up eventually.

are you friggen kiddin me…

2 Day woot-off here we come!

are you friggen kiddin me…

2 1/2 Stars on amazon.com

Is it OK to have a power strip near the sink?

My toothbrush’s sanity is just fine, thank you.

Does anyone know of any free shipping coupon codes? Feels like an awful shame to buy something that costs less than shipping :[

Well, they do seem to be selling. This write-up was fairly weird though. Snow White locked the woodsman in a shed with no food or water, but happily takes care of the dwarves’ every need.