Emperor 147.6ft LED Strip Light Kit

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Emperor 147.6ft LED Strip Light Kit
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Are these waterproof or water resistant?

Which one is white and which one is cool at? Looks like wt and gold.

We’re not not sure on the waterproof but they are indoor/outdoor. We’re checking with the vendor.

UPDATE: these are waterproof and have the spec “c/ETL/us, suitable for wet locations”

They’re captioned now. Buy ALL the lights.

The higher the k # the whiter the light.

3000k is going to be yellower
5000k is brighter whiter light
6700k is daylight

Looks like the American Lighting ones I have from another place (you can see in the close up that it is American Lighting). I’ve been overall happy with their LED rope/strips, but I would be concerned with a length this long. Of the 20 or so I have used so far (of shorter lengths, usually 19’~) 3 or 4 had bad sections that would blink. Make sure to test yours for a little bit (20-30min) to make sure it is fine! Also make sure to test unraveled

Just wondering if the lights are waterproof. Would like to use these outside. It did say something about lighting decks, so I would think so. Hoping so.

See my post above. :slight_smile:

Are there multiple strands or just one big, long 147.5 foot single strand?

I didn’t it listed, but I was wondering if it could be cut to different links?

These probably need a power supply to work.

How are they dimmable?

what does that mean? are they waterproof?

So, basically, they are these:


Do they plug in to regular wall outlet? Or does it need a power supply?

Not the same. These have 12 LEDs per foot; the AL ones from meh have 18 LEDs per foot.

One strand.

Not if you want them to still work. :tongue:

These are line voltage; you’ll see the plug in the pics.

By using a dimmer, whether it’s plug-in or in-wall to a switched outlet.

It means you need to keep scrolling above. TT has more than one post in this thread.

Plug-in. Look at the pics.

Nowhere in your posts above did I see if they were waterproof or not.