Empire World's Fair

Wonderful design originality. Very appealing.

I have to stop buying Woot kid shirts for my incoming first grader. Woefully inconsistent shirt sizing. Most of the K6 shirts I’ve recently received are equal in length to my earlier K4 shirts, but just wider in dimension.

American Apparel kids sizing may work out better for you. A lot of people have said similar things about the Standard (Anvil) brand but I know from experience the AA kids shirts are different.

Just like Disney to turn it into an amusement park.

Gibbous schmibbous

Impressive. Most impressive.

This should have done better than third!

Not to be a nitpicker ('cause I like the shirt), but seems like an Empire wouldn’t have “World’s” Fair.

I think it would more like “The Alderaan Empire’s Fair” (assuming it was held before they PO’d Darth Vader) or “The Tatooine Empire’s Fair” (if they were using it for a little economic stimulus.)

Or maybe it should have been a “Worlds’” Fair, since there are multiple planets in the Empire.

I really, really, really want this as a tote!!!