Employee Designed Tees

Just in case you all wondered, the three best shirts are Peepin’ it Real, Yo, ManHandled, and #PALMIT. They’d look really good on you!

PS If you couldn’t tell, I submitted those. :wink:

Jean-Luc and the Four Lights!

I’m not usually one for baby blue tees but this was an instabuy!

Thanks Kenley!!

For anyone who hasn’t seen the Star Trek TNG episode “Chain of Command”, here’s a clip:


Peep in’ It Real does amuse me ; )

Hmm, I do actually like Sean’s shirt the best, but I just bought that weird ass-brain light bulb shirt. So, my decision making is maybe a little questionable right now.

In my honest opinion, you should buy Happy Couple and Transition. That man is a good artist Cough Cough

Haiku shirts for the WIN here people. Help me out!

I am pretty partial to Peepin’ it Real and Hide and Seek Champ and Bananrama.

Do I buy one or all three???

Such difficult decisions.

I was really hoping for an A**SS Redux. Boo

Is that Jimmy Johns caught in your throat? Ha! Also, you’re sort of professional or something… :slight_smile:


What? I can’t use my talents to win a contest? Isn’t this America?

I hope I’m the only one that will ever buy bananarama. I didn’t even give it that name! I drew that crap in paint!

My “butts” collab with marceepauff was too awesome to put in here, but one day it’ll come back and I’ll have an extensive buttox design portfolio.

Dragon is where it’s at.

I would buy one to spite you but since you have helped me out so many times with CS issues I will not be that guy and will not purchase Bananarama

No, thank YOU computermd82.

FWIW, Baby Blue was just a random choice. I realize it would have made more sense on Red or Cranberry…if it’s popular enough, maybe they’ll resell it as a remix.


Hide and Seek Champ fo’ sho. Also, Kong Donkey just because.

That Doctor Who one, though. I’m still laughing. It just grabbed me right in the funny area.

Not for nothing, but the minimalist “Dragon” design is just sublime.

me too…don’t know why, but I find it hilarious for some reason