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Transition is pretty cool.

4 quatloos on the Dragon!

These shirts are slightly above average.


dragon rules!

reminds me of a sock dragon lol. i like it. i actually like a few of them and im torn as to which to buy

Reddit Men’s Rights Activists seem to find the Mario shirt offensive.

Level me up

I object to the not all men one on principle. Sorry to the staff member…one bad apple spoils the batch.

Hey, that looks like mine!

Lol…the dragon one is soo bad and funny at the same time…hahaha

Looked like one guy complaining and everyone else telling him to get a grip. I still don’t get what’s supposed to be offensive about it.

ok…what is so offensive about the shirt…i dont get it.

The ‘Not all men’ tagline is offensive because it belittles the ‘Yes all women’ hashtag /movement about women’s everyday experiences/ fears / micoaggressions toward them, etc in everyday situations that women face (and most of them are interactions with men) .

For example many women fear/avoid running late at night for fear that they could fall victim to a rapist.

Nice job on the hide and seek.

I suspect the redditor was offended by the mockery of “not all men.” Or Mario? Anyway, offense at the belittling women and their concerns was not the issue.

You have it reversed. It doesn’t make a mockery of the women, it makes a mockery of the men.

What it mocks is the guy that, when a woman says she has a fear of avoiding walking home in the dark because a man may rape her, there’s always a guy that feels the need to say “NOT ALL MEN!”

The “Not All Men” meme arose due to all the “nice guys” that need to “mansplain” how not all guys are bad. Rather than let a woman vent about misogyny, he feels the need to defend his gender.

The meme is mocking the Men’s Rights dumbasses, not the women. Here’s a Time article on the meme, but it’s become a feminist meme.




I totally agree !

What the description doesn’t tell you is that’s actually not a doughnut, it’s an amputee cupcake. (/Berliner?)

Mr. Hotdog is just into some weird stuff.