Emptyin' Out The Shed

Good stuff here!

These various pliers are Knipex brand, a top German manufacturer. I use the Knipex “New England” style lineman pliers, and they are wonderful. And this is a great price!

I’m tempted by the long nose pliers, but I much prefer the “02” style handles to the simpler “11” ones.

I’m longing for the wonderful Knipex “X-cut” diagonal cutters, but they’re never on sale. Please, Woot?

Funny how the power booster looks like the Woot! monkey!!

And I see the 4 volt screwdriver for 15.99. please don’t let that “tool” be in my toolbag of crap.

Any chance of finding out which 14 tools are in the multi-tool?

My answer found here. http://m.toolskool.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftoolskool.com%2Fstanley-14-in-1-folding-locking-multi-tool-stht70695%2F#2567

Fyi: sockets are metric

How many gallons do the pots in the Eco Grow sale hold?

I got the finishing nail gun on the woot off - it came a few days ago, leaking out air oil in the case and head. Haven’t used it yet – I’m afraid it’s going to be a loser. Nail guns are notorious for costing more for repair than the guns but I was hoping I’d get a good one… :frowning:

I’m so sorry! You do have a warranty with Black & Decker and should be able to contact them here, but please email into support@woot.com if you have any further questions.

Ah, nutz! I’m too late for the turning tools! I’ve just gotten into woodturning, and $10 bucks for a set of tools is a steal!

Does anyone know what length the Knipex linemans are?

There are a couple, which one are you asking about?

Eco Growing Systems 746135 Irrigation Expansion Kit, 6-Pack

What’s the volume of these pots?

We had these for sale on Easter; they’re 3 gallon pots. Hope that helps!

The ones without the crimpers.

It should leak oil. It has been rebuilt with new seals and has been completely oiled and overfilled so it wont dry out. hope this eases your mind. TOM


Nine inches approximately

Did anyone install their fans yet? I went to install mine tonight and none of the “easy lock” blades would lock into position. I bought three fans and at least two of them are having this problem.

Snap-on 93050A Wet/Dry Vacuum, 4-Gallon, Red, Black

I am very disappointed in Woot for allowing photographs that are meant to depict what they are selling to include items that are not sold as part of your purchase.

For example, even though this Wet/Dry Vacuum has the casters in the photo, because the casters are not listed as part of the “spec” sheet a buyer should know they are not included in the purchase. Go figure!