Emson 5-Qt. Electric Indoor Pressure Cooker Smoker

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Emson 5-Qt. Electric Indoor Pressure Cooker Smoker
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am I gonna be put on some list if I buy this?

Three perfect reviews over at walmart.com

Amazon users cooked up some good reviews

one of the very few electric pressure cookers that is capable of the standard 15 psi on the high setting, which means you won’t have to adjust the cooking times in recipes.

not recommended for leafy vegetation in Colorado

This is a cool thing. You’re killin’ me woot. First the Fisslers, and now this toy. I’m running out of appliance storage space.

Is this as good (or better) than a
“regular” electric pressure cooker. I’m not really interested in the smoking feature…just looking for a good, reliable pressure cooker. Would this be a good choice? Thanks.

I’ll go ahead and say it… This would definitely NOT be a good choice if you were not really interested in the smoking feature and were just looking for a good, reliable pressure cooker.

Extensive and objective reviews here.

In short, it does what it says it will, but it seems to be cheaply made. Also does not work like a regular pressure cooker since food can’t touch the exposed element. It’s more like an oven. Does provide fast smoked food and the price here is greatly reduced. Also it doesn’t brown food.

Is this good for just a pressure cooker? I’m thinking about using it for that more than 75% of the time. That’s veggie friendly :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about smoking my house up. The smoke smell may be light, but I won’t like that lingering odor.

Benefits of Pressure Cookers

Can we get the electrical specs? I would like to know the wattage and frequency. I think I read on amazon that its 1,000 watts.

I have this and we use it at least once a week. Mostly for doing smoked potatoes. The downside is once you’ve had a smoked baked potato it’s hard to settle for plain bakers anymore. I’m not sure we could use it as a plain pressure cooker now either, once you’ve used it for smoking something, anything afterwards is going to have that smoke taste to it. That’s fine with me since I have a regular pressure cooker as well.
I’m tempted to buy a 2nd one with the woot deal just in case something ever happens to the old one.

I just received this smoker/pressure cooker. Used it last night with some pecan wood to smoke some Johnsonville Bratwurst.

I used the heated smoke/pressure cooker setting for 20 minutes and loaded with 5 of these brats. I added a 1/2 cup of beer in the bottom. The smoke flavor was wonderful and the brats were very juicy.

Great 1st experience and all is contatined. I can see myself using this frequently as a smoker. I have a pressure cooker already that I enjoy using.

It only takes a couple of nickel size chips of wood to produce a nice smoked flavor.

Get one if you enjoy smoked foods. Very easy to use!

Oh! Please bring back the Fisslers!


Just look at the purchase stats of all the states known for their BBQ. This should be a good indication of how well thing works as a smoker.

At first I found this item to be intriguing but then my wife told me a story about one of her friends who had the misfortune of buying one. Oh yes, she paid about twice as much for it about 2 years ago…

Her pressure cooker broke down after very little use. She found that getting parts for it to be next to impossible, as the cooker is made in China. While she liked using it, cleaning the cooker was time consuming and very difficult. She finally added the cooker to the weekly trash and is sorry she ever bought it.

I looked into these a couple of years ago. Lots of reviews available. I cook a lot and have several smokers and pressure cookers. This is what I learned from my research:

  1. At the MSRP (pushing 300 bucks at the time) most buyers weren’t satisfied.

  2. Build quality was cited as mediocre to poor. Plastic parts did not hold up.

  3. As you would expect from a pressure device, it’s much faster than any traditional form of smoking.

  4. Capacity was small. Many people said “just enough for two adults.”

  5. There were some comments about uneven cooking.

  6. Food was smokey but did not have the depth of flavor you get with slow-smoked foods.

  7. Chicken and fish seemed to offer most people the best results.

  8. You really want a regular pressure cooker in addition to this. Save it for smoking.

  9. Cleaning was cited as more difficult than expected.

  10. Most people said they had no problem with using it indoors. It didn’t produce more smoke than their stove vents could handle, and contained it in the device for the most part.

  11. People liked it for weeknights and winter time, when traditional smoking is impractical. It seemed to fill that role for most pretty well.

  12. I decided to pass back then based solely on cost. At this price it’s definitely worth buying just to experiment with.