EMTEC 240GB 2.5" SATA III Internal SSD



Price isn’t too bad and the specs are ok, but I just bought a Crucial drive for the same price with free shipping and I could find reviews on the Crucial drive which I can’t find for these.

Not sure I want to spend the exact same money for a drive I know nothing about.


Where did you find a crucial Drive at close to this price? really interested i cant seem to find anything of the like.


Im right there with ya. I found the Crucual a few days ago and like the fact that there are actually reviews on it, true there are only about 19 on the site I go to. I trust Crucial’s products as well as the company that sells it and think I will pass on the Woot deal this time around.




I think there is a typo in the specs for the 240GB model. It says capacity: 120GB. However, later in the description and in the title area it says 240GB.


Fixed. 240GB is correct.