EMTEC 240GB 2.5" SATA III Internal SSD

I found this drive on Amazon with one review, 1 star.
Amazon suggested this Samsung drive, which is $2 more than this hard drive with substantial more and better reviews.

woot! is owned by Amazon now, so I think this is pretty safe.

This 240gb hard drive would have to like $50 to even consider getting this over Samsung,Kingston, SanDisk, Crucial drives that are around $70 for 240GB on sale. Emtec is a no name generic that is fine if you want a cheap USB thumb drive. I would not trust Emtec with an SSD especially when the price is worst than what you can purchase a name brand drive for.

Not exactly a deal. As of today, 12/31/2015, micro center has it for $67.19, plus tax.


Only thing is, it is sold out.

This is a fantastically crappy drive. it will work, sure, but it will also die randomly after x months.

I learned the hard way not to buy cheap generic ssd