EMTEC 480GB 2.5" SATA III Internal SSD

Here’s a very thorough review - sound like a high-cap SSD would be just fine. I think I need this.

So- why does the spec for the 480GB say that it only has a 120GB capacity?

Specs are fixed. It’s 480GB. Sorry about that.

Thumbs Up!


Bought it.
Got it.
Installed it.

Get a migration tool and make sure you have a recovery tool.

So do these come with a cable?

This goes inside your machine, there aren’t any external parts. What kind of cable are you asking about?

a SATA III cable

No, it does not come with the cable. You would use an existing one in your computer.

Here’s the Data Sheet that has an “In the Box” section.


For Laptop - plug and play, may or may not need adapter ring (included).

For Desktop - you will need a sata cable and a mounting kit.