EMTEC 480GB 2.5" SATA III Internal SSD

Who makes EMTEC SSDs?

The only reviews and tests I could find for Emtec SSDs said their performance was below average for cheaper SSDs. On review/test said, “Emtec drive’s write performance is about the lowest we’ve seen from an SSD in recent memory.”

480 GB Sandisk and Muskin SSDs are only a few dollars more and are trusted name brands with good 3 year warranty programs and are faster in the tests.

The specs actually looked pretty good. I don’t see a decent review for this particular model, but Amazon has some less than stellar reviews for the entry-level 120GB version of this drive.


I wanted to answer some questions about EMTEC SSD, especially this one.

I found this link regarding the 250 GB unit which provides a realistic review on this company’s SSD’s.

Please note that I am not an employee or contractor of EMTEC…and did NOT receive this SSD as a free gift.

This is the link.