EMTEC Click USB 3.0 Flash Drives

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EMTEC Click USB 3.0 Flash Drives
Price: $18.99 - 79.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Jul 20 to Thursday, Jul 23) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to learn all about EMTEC

$80 for 256GB USB 3.0?!?!? Sooo want to get this but no NOTHING about the EMTEC name, no reviews, no history.

Here’s a review on the 32gb stick. I don’t see anything to indicate that there’s anything different in the larger capacities - overall, from this review, it seems like you’re just buying a snazzy USB 2.0 stick.

Will this work with my iPhone?

Not sure what you mean… does your iPhone have a USB port?

I’m sure could keep files on this drive and then transfer them on and off your phone via a computer.

As of today March 27, 2037 only the Iphone 9x is compatible.

Hope this helps :wink:

At the rate they are going, you are off by a few dozen versions. 90S will be out in 2020. Right after ver 89 which is slated to be out in 4th qtr of 2019 to fix issues in ver 87b. You might want to get in line now.


You could tape it to your iPhone and use it as a stand. :tongue:

And there are now 50 Apple applications that you can’t delete! New for the 90S is the Apple Car app so you can drive your Apple Car from your phone.

EMTEC is in almost all major retailers in the US. (Best Buy, Micro Center, Staples, Target, etc.)

They offer high quality products at lower prices with different form factors. They are awesome and a better alternative to the big guys.


“…It is a low-cost, low-end, generic flash drive…”

Just the info I was looking for, thank you.

Not sure I completely agree with that. Flash memory is flash memory. USB 3 is actually about 10 times faster than USB 2 and here’s a link to the 128GB version on Amazon
Amazon Price
I read the review and I am not sure that the same results would apply to the higher capacity drives. My understanding is that most of these drives use memory from the same large factories. I have a mix of these drives, some expensive and some cheap. I have yet to have any of them fail and I can’t tell in real time if one writes or reads faster than the others other than USB 3 always being about 10X faster than USB 2.

In for 3 128 Gig drives.

Just bought a 1 TB USB thumb drive direct from China for $20.

They have now increased the price to $36. Mothership has off-brands for $85 and that gives you some feeling of security.

Mine was USB 2.0 and, of course, I am not putting irreplaceable things on it.

But it does indicate what is coming down the pipeline.

These are definitely “higher” quality than brands like Centon as far as not corrupting. But the memory used in these is still slower and probably performs more on PAR with USB 2.0 speeds. The deal here isn’t all that great. If you have Amazon Prime you can get this:

PNY Turbo 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive - P-FD256TBOP-GE for $75 and free shipping. Saving you $10 overall and getting you a better drive.

Better than 2.0

Here’s a 1TB Flash drive for $11.70 + freeship

For that price, it would be fun to see if it even gets recognized. Probably USB 1.1 speed LOL, it would take a century to fill up with data. It can’t be any worst than Centon.

USB 3.0 flash drives have a huge variance in performance. The USB 3.0 branding does not guarantee anything. Cheap controllers and lower grade memory make cheap drives perform significantly worse.

"At the same time, we’re going to see that not all USB 3.0-compatible thumb drives are fast. Plenty of them are straight-up duds. Knowing a drive’s performance is very important before you decide to drop your hard-earned cash on it. "

I must be having a rough math day. You can buy 256GB of storage for $59.98 if you’re willing to have two drives, but pay an extra $20 for one? Plus, having two is cooler because you could split up data to bring less with you, share with others, etc.

What am I missing? Files that are bigger than 128GB won’t fit on one? Just trying to understand. For $10 more than the 256GB drive ($89.97) I could get 384GB on three drives…