EMTEC Click USB 3.0 Flash Drives

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EMTEC Click USB 3.0 Flash Drives
Price: $14.99 - 69.99
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Condition: New


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For just a few bucks more, you can move up to a much faster USB stick with the SanDisk Ultra Fit low profile model from the mothership.

There are the speeds of these EMTEC Clicks:

The user-tested speed of the SanDisk model, which is $20 on Amazon, is:

USB 2.0: Read - 35 MB/s Write - 19 MB/s
USB 3.0: Read - 148 MB/s Write 39 MB/s

If you don’t need a fast USB stick then just go with a 2.0 only model and save even more, but if you’re going for the full 3.0 capability, there seems to be a TON of variation in speed, and these cheaper off-brand models often fall well short of what the better performing models can do.

And if you have Amazon Prime (like I do), there’s no shipping, which makes the SanDisk cheaper than the Emtec.

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