EMTEC Click USB 3.0 Flash Drives

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EMTEC Click USB 3.0 Flash Drives
Price: $12.99 - 54.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Mar 30 to Monday, Apr 04) + transit
Condition: New


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Product Page

Three Amazon Reviews. The first two state (in their entirety)

Cheap plastic and slow performance.


Total junk - doesn’t offer USB 3.0 speeds.

the third praises the price without saying anything about quality.

Must be a Class 1 which is the slowest speed…Class 10 is the fastest!

I remember buying a 512mb USB stick for 60 dollars in 2006.

Well damn.

One of the comments under the Amazon reviews stated that these are actually USB 2.0 drives. Then I looked at the chart on the Amazon page and , sure enough, The 3.0 USB drives are listed as having USB 2.0 Hardware Interface. WTF?

Hey there… just went to the EMTEC site and they carry this line in both USB 2.0 and 3.0. It’s possible that a third party seller put their inventory on the USB 3.0 inventory number. Third party sellers can modify sales as well.

What we are selling is the USB 3.0 Flash drive.

The read/write speeds listed on EMTEC are confusing. I’ve bolded the 3.0 speeds:

Read speed: Up to 15MB/s USB 2.0 - 100MB/s USB 3.0
Write speed: Up to 5MB/s USB 2.0 - 12MB/s USB 3.0

If you use it on a USB 2.0 port, you’ll get the slower write speed, of course. (I wonder if the Amazon reviewers understood that?)