EMTEC Power Clean Cleaning Spray 6-Pack

EMTEC Power Clean Cleaning Spray 6-Pack

LOL They put a woman on the cover a cleaning solution in the year 2020… the balls on these guys.

Unless you purchase the “Screen Spray” model. Then you get Superman.

The Woot listed the ingredients as alcohol based (on the multi-surface cleaning spray, not the screen cleaner):

Multi-surface Spray - Wonder Woman

  • For all glass and plastic surfaces
  • Fragrance: Fresh
  • Biodegradable liquid
  • Spray 250ml with microfiber cloth with Wonder Woman logos
  • Ingredients: Isopropanol, ethanol

But the product label does not list alcohol at all :frowning:
Only thing listed is “aliphatic hydrocarbons and perfume.”

Are those the inactive ingredients by chance? Our specs match the EMTEC site.


Hi there. So we talked with EMTEC.

The text “ Ingredients according to EC-Directive” is purely to meet a European directive on the levels of certain chemicals in the liquid. This statement is not defining the ingredients of the multi-surface spray

If you look on their site under product resources, you’ll find the Security Datasheet that has more info. It shows the contents which include

  • Propanol
  • Ethanol
    Both Propanol and Ethanol are types of alcohol.