EMTEC USB & Lightning 2-in-1 Flash Drive

Cant find any feedback on this thing. Is it saying I can take a mp4 moviee off my computer and simply plug it into my ipad and tranfer it?

Here’s the explanation I was given:

If the lightning input is present, (it’s on the iphone 5 and above and the ipad (4th generation) and ipad mini), you can transfer files to and from your computer with the iCobra.

You can place files from your computer (pictures, movies, and music, etc.), and then transfer them using the EMTEC Connect app.
On the flip side, if your phone/ipad is getting full you can transfer to the iCobra using the EMTEC Connect app and transfer to your computer or another compatible device at a later time.

Can you read from this drive? If I transfer photos from an iPad can I display the photos directly from it or do I have to transfer the photos/videos back onto the iPad?
Is it a lightning flash drive?

From what I can tell, yes. Go to the App Store & check out the emtec connect app. Its capabilities & further info are available.

Here is the pdf info sheet on this product from EMTEC. Also, MicroCenter currently sells this product for $59.99 for the 64GB size. The free VLC ios app will do the file transfer part (via wifi) to and from your apple device, so external storage is the main benefit if your device is lacking capacity.