Enameled Cast Iron 2 QT Round - 2 Colors


That’s a completely different brand. Le Creuset is much more high end.

When my wife told me she wanted want of these I told her she was out of her mind. She finally talked me into it

After several months of use, I have to say she was right.

It easily goes from stove top - oven - counter - to fridge (stores leftovers) - back to stove top or oven. No worries of damage.

This is definitely a piece of cookware that one could pass on to the next generation.

If you are a serious home cook - go ahead and buy it. It’s worth the money and a lot less than I paid for it!

Not to mention they cook like a dream. Very little heat, like lowest setting on an eye, keeps them simmering with the lid on.

Clean-up is so easy too. The ceramic can take some serious scrubbing and keep right on ticking.

Plus they have a LIFETIME WARRANTY from a company that has been in business over 90 years.

These are definitely a luxury to a certain extent, BUT, these also will outlast you.
We have the 5.5Q and 5Q braise. Love those things.