Enameled Cast Iron 5.5 QT Round - 3 Colors

Wow, some great deals here on some Le Creuset! I have the 7 qt. & the older 3.5 qt. ovens, as well as a newer 5 qt. braiser. Love them all. I like the larger sizes, but use them for making big batches and freezing or sharing as there’s just the two of us.

I’ve read that a lot of folks really like this 5.5 qt. model.

So I’ve never heard of this brand and couldn’t tell you who made my huge one I use frequently. It was much less expensive and has held up for years. What kind of benefits do you find come at this price point? I need a smaller one so I got excited till i saw the price.

At the very least you’re guests will say “Ohhh, you have Le Creuset” and then know that you spent a ton of money on the pot. Le Creuset is a pretty famous brand name known for high price but also good quality. I’ll keep on using my Lodge brand enameled cast iron dutch though.

I got a 3.5 quart one for my wife, but I don’t touch it, as I am a Lodge uncoated cast-iron kinda guy.

Her sister had a La C set for years and it held up well. I just don’t want to be the guy who messes up the one that we have.

Just a general note about products, based on quite a few years in retail. I managed tobacco shops and worked in camera stores. (Haven’t smoked for years.)

There are “commercial” and “high grade” products. Commercial refers to the vast amount of stuff found in general commerce and sold almost everywhere. High-grade is often found in specialty retailers.

With pipes, it used to be drugstore pipes and perfumed tobaccos such as Kaywoodies and Cherry Blend vesus Dunhill pipes, Savinellis and all-natural tobacco blends. In cameras it was Kodaks versus Nikons, etc.

While the lines appear blurred today when companies sell off once high-grade names and they are put on commercial-grade products, the careful shopper is not taken in.

These pots are still high-grade, and that’s one reason why they cost more…a lot more.

You’d go broke trying to only get high-grade stuff all the time. But in key areas that mean a lot to you, there is a difference.

I have this exact pot, and left a comment on the page for the Oval one comparing it to the 7 Quart Cuisinart I previously purchased from Woot. It’s lengthy, but if you’re wondering if these are worth the extra money you might want to give it a glance.