Enameled Cast Iron 5 QT Oval French Oven

This woot offering (or the one in blue) will do the exact same job as this La Creuset for considerably less.

I bought the Crusinart as well and it works great.

But how long will the Chinese knock-off last? I’d rather buy a Lodge cast-iron made in USA.

From reviews on AMZ, Asian cast iron suffers from cracks and the enamel may be suspect. The cost to the importer was probably under $10 and you get what you pay for.

Quality control in the Peoples’ Republic of China is spotty unless you watch them like a hawk. You should read the saga of the “Handground” crank coffee grinder to get a great example of what they had to do to get the precision results they promised.

These are made in France.

Apparently out of French Platinum?!?

tldr ahead:

I have a collection of Le Creuset cookware, and a few years ago I picked up the 7 quart Cuisinart model from Woot to compare:


The Cuisinart is the large red one in the upper left (w/ a smaller blue pot on top of it). I’ll compare it here to the blue Le Creuset that’s two rows down, far right. That’s a 5.5 quart round one that’s on sale here today.

The Cuisinart is a very good pot for the money, but I can say after long use that it’s no Le Creuset. A few highlights:

The difference in quality of the enamel finishing is quite evident when they’re side by side. Lots of “orange peel” in the Cuisinart.

The lid knob on the Cuisinart is enameled, which looks pretty but can be problematic. If you have any grease at all on your fingers it’s easy to lose your grip. I once dropped the blazing hot lid when the knob itself was greasy and I was lifting it with a potholder. The Le Creuset knob is that textured black stuff, and it’s never been an issue.

Those are relatively minor points, though. The biggest differences are in how they cook.

Both have a wall thickness of just under 4 mm. However, in the Cuisinart that thickness is almost entirely the cast iron. When you look at it top-down you’ll see the inner enameling is paper thin - only one layer, certainly. The Le Creuset has a thinner iron layer and a much thicker enamel layer. The company says they use 4 layers of enamel. They say they also use a thinner iron wall than other companies so their pots respond to temperature changes more quickly. They do.

I’ve found the thicker enamel means fewer hot spots - the LC’s are far superior for saute - and also gives them greater resistance to sticking, not to mention cleaning.

The LC lids fit better. There’s less moisture loss in things like braises, or dishes like “Chicken in a Pot”.

Finally, my wife damaged one of the LC’s a few years ago and we sent it back to the company. It was obviously her fault, but they sent us out a new one no questions asked (also the one we returned was a “cosmetic blemish” from a clearance rack, but they sent us back an unblemished one). I don’t know if Cuisinart would do the same, but it’s nice to know LC will.

Oh, one last thing: I’ve found the oval to be more versatile than the round. For one thing, it’s the perfect shape for a whole chicken. It’s also better for longer cylindrical things, like roasts. If all you make is soups and stews, get either. But I can’t believe how often I reach for an oval one over the same size round for most other applications.

So, yeah. The Cuisinart is a good bit of kit. But the LC is in a whole 'nother league. Whether it’s worth the extra money to play in that league is up to you. But if you do spring for it, know you’re not just paying for a name. There is a difference.

How come woot deleted my post? Sam’s club link with two for the same price. Not good mr. woot!

Here it is again


Here is the correct size


Csteinwachs: those are not the same pots. They are “La Cuisine” brand, not “Le Creuset”.

I read that in Sebastian’s voice from The Little Mermaid.

We don’t delete posts of that nature. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally hit cancel when you meant to hit post? It happens to me sometimes.

The is a Kirkland branded one selling in Costco for a fraction of the cost that is supposedly made by the same French company that makes LC…

That was my point.