Encampment 15 Sleeping Bag

Just wanted to iterate, for those who might not have read past the descriptive “Made thermally efficient with Insotect Tubic™ construction, you’ll notice the total body insulation right away.”, these bags aren’t insulated underneath. Instead there’s a pocket in which to insert a 20" wide rectangular pad that provides the insulation against the cold, cold ground. So the bag isn’t exactly a stand-alone solution.

Not that it’s a bad thing, just something you’d want to know before ordering.

Thanks for the heads up. The total insulation is a bit deceptive.

But don’t worry about it. Big Agnes is right – insulation on the back of a bag has minimal effect because it’s flattened down anyways, so you should save yourself the weight and go without it like Big Agnes did. All of your insulation on that side should be done by your sleeping pad. I swear by their sleep system. The fact that the pad fits in the back side of the bag means your bag is held onto your sleeping bag – itself worth the price of admission. The real question mark is the synthetic down – which is fine and I’m sure their 15 degree rating is fine, but it will add a bit of weight vs 600-850 down. But those bags will run you $300 - $500. After a season of her using my Lost Ranger 15 bag and my using a lightweight, but tiny 45 degree bag, I told my girlfriend it was time and this was the one – unless she wanted to buy a more expensive one.

In for one.

(ps this is the ‘sleep system’ Encampment bag I’m talking about, mind you – not the mummy bag which is a traditional bag and should have insulation on the back.)